Sunday, June 4, 2017

june 4 2017
 shatting day... and already ... the faster i go, the behinder i get.
  i wonder if along with loss of short term memory, there is a coefficient of distraction..

all i was trying to do was refer a parkinson letter to renee an d needed to find out her web 
AND  in wandering thru i found that she had written to bergin university for some information on serv dogs and  dealing with the public 
 and was told  they did not  think balance dogs were possibe because they knock you over...

and that has made  me very angry-   mostly because i don't know how to send them the video of george getting bella down that flight of stairs.
along with the poem "somebody said that it couldnt't be done---  but he with a chuckle replied... etc,,,,

tehre is a golden retriever, yellow lab mentality in all of ADI  which is hard to  counter...  mostly because --one of the basic  puppy tests for participating in  a "normal" service dog facility, it to  throw a ball and see if the puppy goes after it... and hopefully even picks it up in their mouths...and even returning it to you?????   i have seen these  trainers try that with my dane puppies  and just turn them down as prospects...

what those trainers fail to see, is the danes have a much more intellectual approach ..  they will sit down and look at you and say " why did you do that-- and if you threw it away- i better leave it there."  danes have zero instinct to reteieve..  with great effort they can be taught....
a quick story-- then i must get to teh shatting....

i had thumper-- one of the origional stud dogs-- on stage one day where i was trying to convince other trainers to try danes-- and  i got the usual  ' they don't retrieve" ----   well... thumper had been taught to do that -- so i took my wallet out and dropped it -- he looked at it - and the entire audience lookied at him.. not moving until i said 'would you please pick that up for me"  he walked over and handed me the wallet-perfectly......  someone in the back said  " i didn't see that.. make him do that again" -- i dropped it again and asked thump to get it.. he looked at me  with a perfect "i am not a trick dog-- you don't MAKE me do  anything."  i had to pick  it up myself... 

so i must write a letter to gergin university of canine studies... and let them know there is a whole training program of which they are unaware..... apparently....
and i must now go  parboil the purple eggs for the flying egg division of teh shatting ceremony??/

but i am unhappy with bergin...


  1. i've known 3 Great Danes who happily retrieved, including my present 10 month old, EllyMay {self-taught}

  2. i've known 3 Great Danes who happily retrieved, including my present 10 month old, EllyMay {self-taught}

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