Wednesday, June 7, 2017

june 7 2017
 OH DEAR.....IT IS ABOUT THE 5 LLAMAS I BROUGHT HOME YESTERDAY....  it might have been more clear if i said  llama beans?
this willl be a short doggie
i need to write stuff for teh new explore web---- and i am not sure what  tone to set...
someone sent an email worried that the little donkeys were not getting enough  hay to eat-- becaus e the cameras don't show the fact they are all standing in hay outside by the hay feeder...

thank you for your concern--- but  in my opinion it is not the hay problem... they are walking around in my expensive hay both outside and what falls out of the bags.....donkeys can live on hay and water..  pockets has something else going on...  she is going to be a big girl  and could stand a little grain as could aging mo...  but if the little ones get grain they will burst... it becomes a problem of geometry tall mo -- but if we hang a bucket for pockets the little ones will try and treach it. i had hoped everyone going by would giveb her a handful-- 

she also still  has a some wierd bug/alergy... her nose doesn't run like a typical case of strangles.. but two or three times a weeh, it is goopy...  i am hoping she will kick it herself

and then ther is the ?sap? or rain rot patches common at this time of year on her back....  so we watch....
this is the biggest news i can think of.... it involves dogfest dates   i have no idea what the detais are  but a round trip for $19 caught my eye...
If you haven't planned a summer vacation yet, you may be in luck. Southwest Airlines' massive bi-annual fare sale is back -- and get this, some round-trip flights are below $100.
According to CNBC, "Flights begin at $49 each way on Southwest's shortest routes and increase to $79, $99 or $129 each way for longer flights." The reduced prices are valid on domestic travel between August 22 through December 13, 2017 (okay, so it'd be more like an end-of-summer or fall vacay) and only apply to nonstop flights.
Hi Carlene!

Just a quick note to let you know Wendy did an amazing job on our Boston field trip! She was not a fan of the puddles, and had her first duck boat ride. Lots of compliments about Wendy and it was super busy at the aquarium! And we had Lainie's mom's relative come up to us to see if she was from SDP. We included a video of what Wendy does best, help me. This time up, steps at Quincy Market with no rail with my legs tired. All possible because of you and everyone involved with SDP! Thank you!

💜 Hunter & Wendy
Carlene White

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