Thursday, June 8, 2017

june 8 2017
it's like superbowl day--- i am told the bars in washington  dc are opening early to accomodate the crowd.. and have specially named drinks  with vodka.    i am reminded of winston churchill saying something like " americans will get everything right-- after they have exhausted all other possibilities."--- he was right a lot of times....
i am reminded of  other things--- all the horse racing.....
today there is a car commercial saying how secretariat was the greatest horse ever... now i don't know if this was true but i heard it very often long before the gossippy internet existed..... he may have been a great race horse... but he had other i was appreciate this story ,...  teh fact you have to know is ... to register a race horse baby, the mare must be " covered" naturally-- no artificial insemination allowed ( this protects teh $$ investment concept)..
 back  to secretariat--- i was told  secretariat did not have the required "drive" in the breeding shed that he had on the race track- seeing as mares are only fertile a few days at a time and popular studs are  "booked" literally by day and time... having a reluctant suitor cause all sorts of complications-- it also caused all sorts of wild stories as creative grooms tried desparately to solve the problem... the stud fee was  $125,000 and he was booked to 60 mares a year ----so you are talking serious money --- as all these handlers stood around trying to get secretariat more enthusiastic  about  the project---- they must have solved it..( or else found a way around it)-- i think it was before dna was  "used" so i  just don't know... i do know he never sired anything like himself---
at any rate... now to have the  car company use  his image to promote cars.... makes me wonder if they know that story. 
 in today s DD  i really meant to discuss the fact that--- so much paperwork has prohibited me from inventing things... like a mosquito device..  it needs a lot of experimentation...  but instead of lawn chemicals.... i wonder if it would be possible to  run a vacuum over the lawn and catch them in a net..   i have spent good money on many  mosquito devices and none compare to the $19 window fan with $3 worth of net  blowing air around the dog houses-- so i wish some retiree with  engineering background--- i can think of one in my old home town  in new york... has a lovely lawn-- can't you rig something with a long extension cord to try???   you would have to determine  the vacuum that would capture the mosquitos yet not pull up the grass clippings and dirt. the fact i am going on ... is all is peaceful until you go out to mow and you get eaten alive-- so you must be waking them up-- they have to be coming out of the grass... 
the big deal is ... you spray and then the spray company convinces you  you are killing bugs  with no visual proof...  i tried that   as some know... i took a net full of live mosquitos and other flying things... and soaked it in raid... none died overnight- in the mornig  i stepped on the net and killed them... i know  i killede them... i saw them dead...  
so unless i see real proof, i am not willing to  believe what  the can says...
somebody... have at it--- you would make many millions-- so you could buy chicken bricks for us.

back to papers ... :(


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