Tuesday, July 4, 2017

july 4 2017
you know it is going to be a rough day when...... you get up and accidentally  pour ice cold yogurt drink down inside the front of  your jammies...   ----   i had a plan of taking a quick 3 swallows of yogurt drink  to coat my innards  before the Tylenol and aspirin hit my empty stomach.. and i missed my mouth.   woke me right up  ! 
the reason that happened...well almost... was at that instant ( 4:00) someone started to "enjoy the 4th.. with a burst of firecrckers...sidetracking me for the instant when my aim was critical...   it could have been worse.... i could have been in a car...
 it was a lesson in not to text while driving... it only took a split second to reek havoc.  minor havoc... but havoc.

 continuing with the havoc topic... and neighborhood living...most the neighbors are lovely and seem to be able to adjust to each other's activities....   but there is always one or two....
"do you have to have those 2 dogs together on honeymoon hill  ---children might be watching so would i please put them in a building"   ( oh they love puppies   but not how they are made) 
i expect you will  notify me if you plan to have a group here  in september again.. ( really?)
why do you have a loud speaker on  some sundays.  we have no choice  but to listen to you....? 
next  person has complained about the dogs barking-- he gave me specific dates-- and i honestly didn't look up the dates- even tho  i could have... a cp had docummented every noise from midnight til 6am for the past ? 6 months...  the dogs are amazingly  quiet....  .
my noise log   might be of interest to the world ----having to live anywhere near other people means you can not control everyone else...so here is what i hear  ---from the house and the donkey camera sound....---  
the 10 to 11 pm generaic home and go to bed crowd.. talking -- car doors slamming etc...----  
then....   the bars around here must close about 2am... because 2 to 3 there are some younger  slurred voices that arrive home --( with or  without police escorts)-  
 about 3 the rooster starts in-- sometimes withthe scream of a fisher cat from the forest... ( the owl noises are more soothing) 
4am -  i know there is a woman who delivers something in boxes... from my days in the magazine business, i assume she  is loading up to deliver the morning papers-- the truck for those must have delivered them sometime before 4... and once had to jump start her car( boy do i remember that too)-
 then there is the mother who has to take her child to play  something involving shin guards --?hockey?  leaving 5:30 ish???- with  yelling banging...-- several days a week...
an email order  
 and the phone calls  "  i will destroy you"  ( finally  got the police in on that one) 
could be this is all the same person-- i don't know--
 i do know we have thousands of     "thank you - please don't change a thing"  which is the way to go. 

if you lived in Manhattan you could not compalin about the traffic noise-- or melrose about the subway-  "so i moved to the country for some peace and quiet" .. really?  your realtor should have warned you that the country  next to a farm  may be peaceful, but not  quiet. 
people are arriving-- thank heavens-- i worry about holidays... we  can have  too few or too many..
 correction....(there is no such thing as too many)

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