Thursday, August 10, 2017

aug 10 2017
short doggie
i have to rush teh dd  because i have to take fran to the airport at 7am...
i didn't mean to rush mail call yesterday--- well ... yes i did.... it was a very busy day.. i had no lunch and missed my usuall when the food arrived... i rushed-- and i had complaints-- thinking i was bored... no.....  sometimes i am just tired... i like doing mail call...  ti is usually a fun end to the day--   however  once i get my nose on food cooking,, i am llike that dog..pavxxxx's dog who drools at the smell of food...  well i get distracted by food .. especially whren hungry...  so when i have an alarming mood swing maybe yo  should ask "when did you eat last"  and if it was more that24 minutes, it  could be low blood sugar?????--- isn't that what people blame thing s on????
the family that has mindy were here at mail call also... it was fun to thear theire escapades with mindy... she very willingly followed the wom an out the door to their car...  so she is happy.... she is also retreiving a freisbee... which i could never get across to her....    
they also came across 100 pounds of carrots-- and delivered them-- so mo will have a big day..

 i don't have a root cellar so we should go th4ru  them very quickly...  i will share with janine... who has a bunch of co=donkeys  from the kill pens she is trying to tame...


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