Thursday, August 24, 2017

aug 24 2017
biggest problem now is lainie and her mastitis...  yesterday she spiked a 106 temp and we ran for DAH   .. where they gave meds and fluids and sent her home where hopefully the  involved gland would present a soft spot where they could incise  and drain it.....  she did fine all night  but at 4am her temp went to 103  and by 5am it was 104...i have emailed both george and megan... hopefully megan can get here before 8 and george can alert the hospital that we are around...
 if it ain't ants, it's fleas...
on a more positive note.... pockets is thinking.... today when i put them out-- hopefully mo will go to the food dish by the manequins and pockets to the tractor bucket-- if they don't do that, i will be upset trying to get that  organized...  but pockets must stand on the box to reach the bucket of the tractor-- up to this point she has argued with me when i try and place her foot on the pulling it away...  then yesterday she saw the food and wanted it ... when i picked up her foot she let me place it--and i saw a distinct "wait a minute, last time that person put  my foot there i coudl get the food !!"  it may have been that "water moment in the hellen keller movie - "miracle worker" where helen suddenly realizes ann is communicating with her hands....

dogs donkeys and pigs have more ability to communicate than we give them credit for... there was a large pig at the spca farm in methuen... it was in a perfect clean horse stall with clean shavings and a 4' tall door that it could not see out of... it was clean,watered,fed, and miserable because it could not see and be entertained... it was solitary confinement of the first order... i tried to convince the director-- but their protocal said to keep it in a horse stall-- this happens all the time around here...where a person decides what is  nice for a person... not realizing it is not what the animal had in mind.
if i didn't have such a poor memory i could give you 100 examples-- however unfortunately........ maybe floor washing is the best i can do at the moment.... we use a - lot of things like lysol and cholrox --- the place does not smell like dogs at all...( i am told) but in an effort to try and clean the place with the dog's nose in mind.... we have gone to the steamer mopper upper- plain water.... -which seems to work, tho i am not convinced any heated steam ever actually gets to the floor...  but with constant use... the place smells like whatever we are cooking for supper.

AH !   i just thought of one.... lainie--- last night ate a small treat from a volunteer X ( i forget who)  when i saw that i said  "maybe she is feeling better if she will eat"   and the person x went directly for the can of "wet food" that the dogs usually like... lainie stuck her nose up at that "meat"   so person X decided "she must not be hungry"  WRONG..... she just clearly said "what i want right now are the crunchy dry treats... f"  
person x had decided - probably becasue of a n advertisement-- that canned  wet food is more desireable to a dog than dry crunch not paying any attention to what the dog said. 

 i must admit  ---usually they like the wet food... but if you read the labels... most of it is the same stuff as teh dry crunch.. with 74% water with production  and shipping  costs, it is no bargain at all-- you might find one or two brands that are actuallyt meat-- but read more labels... and when you finish reading  labels compare prices with the cost of chicken thighs-- even if you do have to cook them.. wet dog food is the most expensive water you would ever buy....( no ... i would never willingly feed raw chicken-- i think that idea of feeding  only  raw chicken necks was  a promotional idea byt the guy who had too many  left over  raw chicken necks) 

it is shocking what experts can get someone to believe..... just give me $500 and i will tie an elastic around your ankle and shove you off this about $2500 to bob around like a cork,  on a floating island with 4000 other people, gleaming glassware and 30 foot waves...
i should not  cast asparagus  as one who actively markets "puppy breath " for $8  ( refill for $5)
if teh government shuts down in september... whatever will the overnight comedians talk about? 
 and which will be first  to be eliminagted..SSA  checks or congressional paychecks. ? 
i always wanted to invent a board game like monopoly with spaces " cash a paycheck $700" " lose your glasses $500"  "buy lottery tickets $120" 
"find $20" "go to the dentist for root canal...-- do not pass the ATM or  collect  $300" "win the  scratch ticket $400."
things like that...
 there is an immediate problem with money.... if you don't have 10 cents, you get no coffee-
how's that for showing my age...  ? coffee at 10 cents...?
i do remember a pack of cigarettes for 18 cents and when you got them from a machine, there were 2 pennies inside the celophane.

lainie's temp is now 104.6  so we are still going up... in spite of teh durama
  grace is on her way to do the drip..... 

come on megan-- be early !!!