Thursday, August 31, 2017

aug 31,2017

 lots of us are asking ----what would we do?--- i already had a total house cleaning when my house burned down ( so i  would not have any maternity clothes in my current bedroom drawer,,....)  the only thing i rescued is teh counter which now holds the coffee pot in the kitchen...  if you turn it  over, it is all charred....) 
i would ----  starting when predictions turned bad...... ... put on that  fishing vest with all the zip pockets-- so i can attach critical stuff to me. go to the bank and cash as big a check as i could manage.... -- really for one reason only.......  i would then go the  CVS store and try and convince--- or bribe them-- to refil my dilantin Rx as many times as i could--put all the pills in a  screw tight waterproof flask shapped bottle--- put them in a zipped section of the fishing vest- and  go to the costco pharmacy and do the same thing--- then  face whatever happens with esentials zipped to me...... without dilantin , i would have a very large problem. 
to me that is the worst part of the diagnosis of epilepsy that i had 40 years ago-- i am now totally dependent on part of society i never intended to be dependent on... thankfully the pills have worked 100% -- aside from making my teeth fall out, thier primary purpose has been  successful.
around here you are allowed to mention one illness and one medication per day- so that is it for me.
my point being  it is one aspect of this houston mess that has not been discussed... KEEP GOING AT WHATEVER YOU DID...  i was very  heartened to hear of the baker-- who's whole crew kept baking as the waters rose.... and got all the bread to the  rescue arenas--- now there is a guy who should be in charge of more that 4 baking stores...   he went on to say when they ran out of flour all his help that could not get home came to his house to ride it out.   from practical  bread---to humanitarian of all workers to his house... i can think of many political jobs whihc would benefit from his expertise...
then.... the doctor... specialist in  infectious diseases-   i don't even want to think of all the things he is worried about.- 3rd world country type problems     ---there sin't enough  clorox in the world to solve that problem...  ----  besides i am told  alligators drink it for breakfast.....
we have only begun.
i am reminded of steve #3 with his flooded basement and how " the authorities"  swooped in and made him tear everything apart back to the 2x4 wall studs. ---- go to houston now-- have at it guys--  be as  picky there !!---
--- these " health issues"-- whatever starts.going around........ some will get on planes and fly  north... ( south  east and west)and  as it infects both democrats and republicans-  will get the point across ---- united we stand-- divided we fall...  who said that?  
so back to my sick donkey...pockets...she  just does not feel good... and bryan verified that with  his  investigation of her various parts... he did draw blood to analyze things like white blood cells... he-- with my approval-- decidedd the probablility is it is the same thing ms. harl had... and since  ms. harl is doing spectacularly well, we might start that treatment, altho he did suggest the absolutely correct thing might be to let pockets get over it herself...  she is young and in good shape--  problem isx we need her WELL by janine's donkey race... on sept 9th..... as for the other poppy and
clover... neither is in dire straights, so best course of action is to try and let them get over whatever  without medical intervention at the moment.
now all of you have to quiet down and realize  raiising animals  can be a huge challange and there are times when  20 - 20 hindsight is  a beautiful theng ----and darn annoying.... 
i needed to prepare you to  understand -- we are going with   bryan's  best guess--- and if anyone starts in with " the 20-20 bit  of... well they should have...."--- i hope courtney strikes it down..   you do  not send your school  age  child to the emergency room with each drip out of their nose.... unless you are a new mothrer....if it does go round more....and MO gets it, it will be a big drip-- 
if you want sure things... go manufacture widgits.
david #1 took on the jog cart tires and seat  yesterday-- and we notdd... those 3 lightweight wagons i have  that were once bush -clinton- and perot in parades, could be pulled by her- the only parade i know of in the near future would be the topsfield fair parade in octobr..which would be fun except we would have to ask MO  ahead of time how she feels about massive crowds squeezing in on both sides,,, as is what happens at the end of that parrade...  the wagons  are an engineered wonder-- both front and back wheels angle  in oposite directions as you turn corners so the entire "train" tracs exactly inthe tracks of teh pulling vehicle.... otherwise yo would wipe out the crowd when you turn... our famous bed is like that-- and was my model for constructing teh 3 light weights.
i used them alot--- until perot's axle broke in the parade in salem mass and we had to pull the pin and leave him behind...
 how symbolic  was that?--- and how long ago??
last i knew the fair parade had very few animals...except a goat or two and maybe  yankee draft horse team.... so i am sure we would be welcome... they used to pay us to  provide animals....  mostly the donkeys in "the hitch" -- i doubt it now.-- thenew manager thinks we shoudl pay them...
temp takeing day... at least dogs are all healthy  i think... so far....lainie's open  mastitus  hole looks lovely and clean...