Thursday, September 28, 2017

sept 28 2017
cc email  is giving me a hard time  so i will post it here first...

shatupon sunday is the first sunday of the month  -- this next sunday--- oct first... not the 8th as teh calendar says...
from penguin-----
Just a quick thought as there "appears" to be some confusion with CPs .... According to the calendar (SDP Fan-DANE-tastic one) .. Chicken Brick Sunday is stated as being the 8th of October .. BUUUT it is the 1st Sunday of the month .. which is October 1st (as in your Birthday) ... I 'fear' with the confusion some people are waiting / delaying purchasing the bricks ...  thus no "Sell-out" ..... So my thought is to place it in the DD  with a sense of urgency .... as of this moment still need to "sell" 950 bricks and a matter of 3-ish DAYS left !!
water water everywhere and not a  drop to drink...--( somebody said that  long ago???).---.if i was stuck in puerto rico.... i wonder just what would  i be doing about no water to drink? so i went to google maps... and there is... what appears to be sizable ponds/lakes well away from the coast...  This no water to drink is going to get worse very soon-- did i not hear 3-4 days without water is a survival type problem?  to have an entire population totally dependent on "artificial support " of electricity and gasoline  makes it more serious than  the "underdeveloped country"  which manages to survive without much of either.  i hope the centers for disease control are on board too...people worry about dogs depositing  germs in a pile of poo ---they don't compare to people germs being deposited on an airplane and getting transported to another population center big enough to have an airport...-- at least the  poo stays put locally.-
c-pap  and sleep apnea-- cpap-- if you look quickly looks like crap-- however... this "new" cpap machine  wirelessly tell someone  somewhere what hours i am sleeping-- along with heaven knows what else....  THEY  told me when THEY  put it in that medicare dictates  they keep records of when it is used to verify paying for it.-- ( a charge of  $175 a month)--  way off in the corner  of the screen... are the tiny  little bars that indicate internet access flickering away...  but that is  only th efirst part.... next, the new "mask" does not have buckles to snap in place...  there is a magnet to connect...which means a magnet on either side of my jaw-- i know just enough to know a lot of  what i don't know....  how do i know if they are not checking on  any gold fillings i might  have  in my teeth- so next time i am in the hospital someone can pull them out- 
to cover medicare over runs.?  i am not happy about the progress..
maybe it is those magnets that have made me decide ice cream is not all that interestinbg....-- the dog fest ice cream got put in the walkin freezer... a good 8 gallons left over... and i have been working my way thru it.--  along with the anti- icecream  lactose pills that ann  told me about 
i have no problem withe it.  the over-bundance makes it less attractive.
 i bought myself a present... a new trailer that will both carry the tractor and dump manure....the accumulation iof manyre is an ongoing, unsolved problem-- which may eventually involve a big  machine to get us back to  ground zero...  we have about 1/4 acre covered to 4 feet.... janine can make use of teh old green one..... 
 i can no longer deal with it's finicky "to dump or not to dump, that is the question"
in the money spending department.... i splurged on  feedbags for donkeys  from the old west... they work !!..--- mo's feedbag works perfectly-- she gets her grain and no one else's
we have a problem  with one really fat donkey, one normal.... and the rest terribly skinney-- i have wondered for days how to feed tjust the skinney ones...-- feed bags.. -- they are not expensive-- i found a sale on them $7.00 each...  should be delivered today or tomorrow...  
that will be a great cp job... teach the donkey how to deal.. 
we should try with mommy in the stall....
 they all have netting they can actually drink and not drown- in case one gets left on  in the wild....