Saturday, September 30, 2017

sept 30, 2017

the more things change, the more they stay the same...some very bright person  besides me said that-- ( but i remembered it)...

i  do like to play music--- but my  itunes "thing" has got so full of junk i can't find the music i would like to listen to... 
how bad is it???  i can get going with some nice broadway music, and in the midst is a guy lecturing on the physics of pendulums fomr some book that got downloaded  in the music place.  my car is almost as bad--it got stuck on  "ave maria" for months.  in latin...
with courage i went and purchased "windmills of your mind/ springfield"  and amazon charged my card $1.29 it fell into the black hole of this computer. and i can not find it at all...
 so i am listening to danny kaye's "noah"   arguing with his kids about a rudder on the arc..
i saw the broadway show-- before the show the producer came out of the curtain  and said danny kaye  had  broken his foot that afternoon.  there was an audible groan-- and the curtain whipped back to see danny standing there with cast on his leg-- he did the whole show  that way with very few modifications...-- seeing as he was playing the part of an old guy--noah-- there wasn't too much dancing.  great show..
the really greats don't quit.

before we had polititians to provide  comic  material-- there was noah...-----another of my  noah favorites is read by stanley halloway
Three Ha'Pence a Foot I'll tell you an old-fashioned story That grandfather used to relate, Of a builder and joining contractor Who's name it were Sam Oswaldthwaite. One day Sam were filling a knot hole With putty when in through the door, Came an old man fair reeked i'whiskers An th'old man said good morning I'm Noah. Sam asked Noah what were his business And t'old chap went on to remark, That not liking the look of the weather He was thinking of building an ark.

it goes on and on --- as they argue the price of maple for the side of his bunk....

there is a cd--- somewhere-- halloway's --- including albert and the lion which i listened to so often , i now know it... that cd is fun to listen to mostly because teh brits have such a delightful time using words creatively.. as the lion swallows albert then coughs him up with clean hands.
my favortite commercial at the moment is normal until the punch line about getting your arm stuck in a vending machine... different..
i put a big rock at teh corner of the new building... mostly so we wouldnt run into it plowing snow...
i had intended to have the dogfesters paint it -- figuring we could repaint it yearly.. i never should have mentioned it becasue -- the color became an issue-- to most, teh concept of arguing about hte color of a rock was just an amusing mental exercise- i found that there is an element in any crowd that wants to be the one to make decisions-- sdp has happily got to the position of being managed by some very capable people with who's decisions i happily comply.. it all works very well as along as no one gets stuck in neutral 
i remember.....the purple painting of the barn-- it was a nice conservative green/white... then home depot gave us a pallet of paint ( so they did not have to dispose of it)and there was more purple than any other.. which became the decision maker purple it is !!
sometimes all we need is a decision maker to cut all arguements to a minimum.
my inspiration was the airforce academy top brass who got teh entire school population together and said "if you can not respect every person regardless of race creed or gender. just get out" a clear decision maker. he had everyone take out their cell phones and record it. 
so when you get your 2018 calendar, 
you might see a pink flamingo where i personally preferred a yellow rubber ducky but i had to go along
my poor rubberducky had too many patches from being attacjed by a snapping turtle.