Thursday, October 12, 2017

oct 12 2017

i started to answer the questions about audrey and breeding danes..... but there are a few basic  truths  that are not true in our world of service dogs.
# 1.. historically  a merle pup had no value - and to this day   scarlott was 1/2 the price of walter  from denmark...based only on color... i was told if we did not buy her they were going to destroy her-- i figured it was "goldie the ghost" telling me to buy her-- so i did.. hence she has produced  not only george but a bunch of other wonderful service dogs.
 #2...  to  us at SDP   there is no such thing  as  "a mis marked dane..."------ the perfectly marked show dane ( as some of ours have been) could be sold as pups for $5000 to $10000- but go  into service training with the rest..  to then say a pup in the same litter "might be worth $400" makes no sense to me.. we have donated several who might be considered "show quality" -- i can't remember exactly.. but i think clark in ohio would qualify...
#3. this rejection of merles is evident in all the  materials-- no where do you see they are perfectly good dogs...that per  great dane club rules can not be "shown" .  ok so we won't.
as for that complicated chart-- it boils down to ...  if one parent is black, there are no deaf whites born...
.  this gives us more opportunity to concentrate on the hips eyes elbows and ... to me... much more important parts of a dog.
 to have someone charge much less for a dog because the spots are in the wrong place--- is a bargain for me !!
i am rushing a little... i want to get in and look at the little pup of audreys.. i am told she is looking tired... -- i need to watch her...
she is a tiny perfect looking pup  1/2 the size of her sisters.    born at 13 oz...went to 11 oz  .... but as of yeserday she seemed to be picking up back to 13 oz..   i would rather she do it on her own without goats milk because she is soooo small.
****i will just make the print bigger so it looks normal size.