Sunday, October 15, 2017

oct 15 2017
Time Life has an offer of all the songs of the 50's- for only 347 payments of  $19.99 ----  i was doing fine with all the words til i hit the --" love and marraige -- goes together like a horse and carriage"-- and at my tender age, i have learned that the horse must always have on blinders... or the sight of the carriage will cause a runaway. ( a very true statement about horses and carriages....)
there were actual words to most of the songs.. i don't think there are any words to songs now.....  whatever todays music is, i don't think it would qualify as  "soothing elevator music" ....i don't listen to the radio now... mostly because   the car i now have has too many opinions about what i words i should hear...some of them being  "please make a legal u turn"..or.. the ave maria... in latin.....over and over  and over...
what do i expect from a radio that has a preset volumn button?... why was anyone not able to set the volume with a simple twist?-probably the same person who designed teh elevator that gwen talked about... it has no buttons...

some company in their great wisdom  probbly had a gov't grant to figure out all the employee time spent in elevators which went to  every floor...     and found that that  there were split seconds saved by having  a person standing at the front of a "bank " of many elevators who took your destination - and told you to get on elevator Q which wizzed you to your floor... and only your floor.. usually all by yourself-- by just getting on-- with no buttons !!!  because of my  extensive education in murphy's law...  if there are no buttons... what happens if instead of  floor "14" there was a slight interuption in current which caused the elevator to loose count  and you land at "12" and   technology being what it is, the door does not open because it is not at "14" which teh person in the lobby told it to do.
or maybe the study was sponsored by the underarm deodorant companies???
i do have an elevator story-- i remember  i had a photoshoot  at 107 south street in boston - whihc , like most photo studios was in an older building-- designed long before they had elevators--  so they squeezed in  a relatively small one-- with buttons and a  phone--  i had 2 dogs- one big, a german shephard,  and one smaller beagle  - and a pouch of "supplies" -- the door opened.. and i got on without looking around.. then quickly called the 2 dogs to join me-- which they happily did.- the door shut- and i became aware of a woman in the corner absolutely ashen with fear  of dogs......
the elevator shook into motion and proceeded to descend about 6 feet and stopped... stuck between floors-- still several floors up- so i was delighted we were at least stopped instead of falling. T he woman screamed which did not upset  the smaller dog-- but the larger one got nervous... i started talking to teh woman  to try and calm her down... i remember going thru the contents of my  pouch of dog supplies just to keep her talking.. while i picked up the 'out of order phone'  ... it seemed like forever til  teh little square in the ceiling opened and  a very nice fireman said "are you stuck" -- the understatement of the year...  it was nice to have company in our little elevator, but no way was that woman going t o fit thru that hole in the ceiling- and even tho i was thinner at the time, getting those 2 dogs up and out was going to be a challange too. it seemed hours later they got the door opened  between floors - and the HOLE under teh carriage blocked so we could slide to saftey.
that started my career of reading the  INSPECTION dates on the cards  usually displayed in all  elevators.--.lahey hospital had badly ouitddated inspection stickers.. so after they were 6 months overdue, i thought i was doing someone a favor to report it to the administrative bunch on the top floor.  they said they were happy i reported that and they would remedy it right away..  which they did.  they just removed the inspection
cards entirely-- that was 2 years ago... and they have not been replaced yet.
inspecting elevators, i am told is teh job of town building inspectore...( my favorite town employees)

making me wonder when was that mbta elevator that electrocuted bently and i  inspected?