Monday, October 16, 2017

oct 16 2017
THESE DARN OVERNIGHT COMMERCIALS..--LAST NIGHT  THE new wave cooking a frozen chicken in 13 minutes looked sooooo  good..carrots and potatoes in 13 minutes.. however  around here it would be 7 minutes to clear a counter and 14 minutes to find the thing
i must admit the insurance companies lately have some good ones... is the angry moose getting hit by the swing and then attacking it... i honestly don't see how they made that one, -- but i never had to deal with moose---

now ... on the topic of donkeys....of all the animals i have owned...i have to saay.. mini donkeys are the least trouble- you all have seen how long it take a totally mishandled wild donkey to become a lovey trusing pet... you have to explain things to a donkey....their diet is/can be  hay and water -- an occasional handfull of grain is appreciated, but good hay and water will do it.  their approach to life is so much more fun than the serious horse...  and a heck of a lot cheaper.. when yo  see teh  donkeys in ireland or mexico just wantdering in crows of people... or loaded with packe without a leash, halter, or rope,  if they know what they are to do... they just do it... and many times a donkey is used to "tend" a handicapped child...
now before you all run out and try and buyy one...  HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU !!   all you have to do is look sideways at janinie and she will have 1/2 dozen  or so delivered to your doorstep with her "equine rescue network"   ERN  ... as she has organized a rescue network to get  them pulled out of the killer pens in texas/ penna//lousiana or wherever... i don't know how many horses and donkeys she has rescued,,   sh started with horses and found donkeys are a very desireable alternative to the  horse owner.---- she has one at her house now.... full of personality.. he is not a mini... but huge- nearly mo size--    she has a patio setup in teh donkey area where she and crew enjoy an afternoon beer-- that donkey will join by having his head right over the table just enjoying the conversation also...
 far more entertaining than  many people i have seen at beer drinking "fests"-- he took to playing tag with the cushions off the couch--- like mary used to do...  you could just see his mind working... they are sooooo much smarter than a horse...  but then about everything is....
never did i think teh local hunt/polo club would allow donkeys on the property ( horses start out terrified of them )--but janine  ran a donkey derby at the polo field... complete with patrons tent... wine.. cheese...  people were encouraged to wear kentucky derby type hats.. and they did..  it was just plain fun-- and people could participate-- with their i small children-- all our donkeys were put into action  -- including mo  who slowly carried around  the master of the hunt in his red jacket blowing what looked like a gold favorite was teh  man who is usually very formal... dressed to the hilt with tie and jacket.. chasing after  one of our mini's with a pink fly swatter as his young daughter tried to coax  the donk across a finish line... it was just plain fun... without the danger factor of horses...  i saw only one donkey runn off... and since she didn't know where to go, she ran back to the bunch  -- the rest, if they got loose-- or someone forgot to hold onto them, just stood around

unknowing people might say donkeys are stubborn stupid -- when in fact it is teh people..  a frightened donkey will stand still   a frightened horse will run...  making the fly swatters much more correct in urging forward movement   donkeys are fun.
 the only thing you might have to pay attention to is a fence--  donkeys are smart and study fences... the cheapest fence is a electric wire..  once trained to that, they won't go anywhere --- very  like dogs who are trained to the underground wire.. .
i have just discovered pelleted hay--  bagged...which  would be alot neater to cope with--timothy hay is good for donks.  tractor supply has it
and i bet amazon does too. !  if you had on ly one or two donks, bagged would work... 50 pounds  @$15
i did have a phone call from  a mother of an "active" child... wanted a dane...  they live on 35 acres.. she was horrified that i suggested a mini donkey-- but i was dead serious..... to me it makes more sense  not to try and calm down an active child, but to wear them out.   i remembr sending my 4h group of kids " go run around eth pine tree and then we can have lunch"   it was about a 1/4 mile trip.. and lunches were more sedate afterwards...
 but what do i know....