Wednesday, October 18, 2017

oct 18 2017
with regard to   5pm mail call and  coounting all those purina treats.... coupled with.. someone with a dog shaking on landing in an airplane.... 
i am back at.. wanting a chewable treat, the size of a thick slice of bread-- as a nurishing treeat for working dogs to avoid teh empty tummy danes  can have...   i wish i had time ... to grind up some purina treats, add some proplan  dog food, then figure out how to glue it into a  tough lump--?egg?  ? baking it?    that would fit nicely in a sandwich bag    for dogs to knaw on in certain situations...  on airplanes, school classes,  boring meetings, doctors waiting rooms... all those places one finds a service dog mid day-- or very early morning..
since i probably won't get to it..... we have so many would be chef's out there-- can you  all take on that project  and send me some of your  inventions... with directions on   "how to"    we will be happy to test them out.
i did get a comment about  shaking on landing at times..  my suggestion....
?shaking on landing???   just in case..... carry  chewy treats for them to chew as landing  pressure changes....    like people chew gum????

********* mailcall......
 and teh discussion  about aging memory cures... 
Carlene, you are right...jellyfish...
Prevagen is a new drug made from/with
Jellyfish. That helps memory loss.
Ps...squid (ink) is the other sea creature used
by some brain cancer patients
(alternative trial)
Thanks, (puppy raiser)  Barbara mulders in Michigan..  I raised a Leader Dog for the blind :)

teh probability of having  some scientist eat a moldy cheeze sandwich for lunch and figuring out his sore throat got better is more likely  than jelly fish eaters, i would think...  because teh probability of finding  an adequate number of jelly fish eaters in the first place is minimal......  or is this what the do in those senior residences??? feed people  experimental jelly fish??? 
this has to be in the catagory of finding an infinite number of  jellyfish eaters where one  "joe" discovered he did not forget what he was eating.... while at the same time some younger person was alert enough to notice " hey.. joe remembered the jellyfish sandwich... and connected it with.... maybe that is why his memory has improved...."  
"i am from  Missouri"      on that one.. ( wasn't that president truman's expression when he meant...   " i need proof")
 in math----i think the impossibly huge number is called  -- "infinite"---  looks like that lazy number eight  thing  on it's side..--(   i am sure this keyboard has one-- i dont know where...)   and is defined as one divided by zero 
for you non math people....  here is a calculus  concept in a nutshell....
 if you take a dollar  $1.00 and divide it by 1.00 , you get 1-- now decrease the thing you are dividing  by to fifty ceent pieces and you get 2,, then teh smaller 25 cents and you get 4.. 10 cents would be 10 ---nickles 20---- and pennies 100  in brittain they have 1/4 pennies   so you'd have 400 of those--- so as the denominator gets smaller  the  resulting division produces a much bigger  number... so as teh denominator approchaes zero  teh result is soooo big there is no number and they call that  infinite--- all those who do not understand the concept of infinite become polititians and deal with our budget.

today i have to go to boston  to talk with  a lawyer about bentley and  me  being electricuted.----  service dog project lost it's #1 stud dog, and my service dog...  his stamina is zilch... and mine is not alot better--  so sdp lost  18 months of my  dog training... and i am/was   good at that..... but i have not had the stamina either...  i am not looking to  get wealthy, but  sdp could sure use the money-- plus the system of monitoring the public safety  in elevators could stand a jolt.... if you all need another challange....  go find an elevator and as you stand there doing nothing  read teh certificate -- which should be there...  then go online and try and figure out  the rules.... like  when it was inspected last...  there are certainly a bunch of rules in mass....

i don't think bentley can go with me-- he worked the doctor's visit yesterday and when we came home he could only go round teh pond  once with linda(  linda,   chaos and sizzle are up to 4 times round at 5 pm...) he crumpted on the sofa... exhausted....  chaos loves it !!!