Wednesday, October 25, 2017

oct 25 2017

this bit is getting serious..-- so i go to a meeting of teh dog festers last night-- food was great.. consensis was fest 2017 was the best ever. with only two or three changes to make...we -- linda pam bud  steve megan mark sandy  laughed and argued and bantered for a couple hours-- the whole while i am thinking "well that is tomorrows daily doggie material"
then as we went to leaave, they all said "don't you dare put any of that in the DD" 
that wouldn't be so bad if 2 other really interestng deals also got sensored by "other people"   either "you can't"  or  "you shouldn't"... no fun at all.
not leaving me much of anything  to squawk about...not even the date of next year's dogfest.... which is dependant on the availability of the hotel  because of the leaf peepers who storm the place to look at the changing  leaves fall  colors...
maybe there is a shread of a story to talk about...
LEAVES -- and the 2018 calendar on which we ( william kitty, megan and i)  have been working... william--( ever the artist) wanted kitty and i to find a tree all by itself in the middle of a field...-- i  knew of 2 at groton house ( ann's place-- not denmark ann) ) -- we had used one .. i think in  the movie home alone where they added a gravestone to the  spot-- however  GH is a   huge place  2 different fields with lone trees. we get all set up for the shot... i have 2 dogs in my car... megan has 3, kitty has the "kraft table" stuff--- oranges energy bars, aspirins and water......-- william sets up the camers... and backs off...  "i need to see more trees" -- so we get in my car.... now groton house is either THE OLDEST or  one of the oldest farms in  mass... ... i know for a fact it is 1.25 miles on 2 sides-- lovely beautiful big old trees lining  its many driveways.   if you are really curious you can google   Groton House Farm Event -- i just did-- wandering around the pictures you get some feel for the thousands of trees on the place ----- i drove on and on around teh dirt driveways and william studied them one by one...  he finally found an acceptable one and he set up .... as megan and kitty re positioned and joined him...
now here comes the interesting part.... bet you can't wait....
i go away and return in 10 minutes to find kitty, with a plastic bag in one hand going  around  picking up individual leaves with a cheerful "oh here's a good one..." i figure she has gone round the bend once too often... however... turns out.... how exacting is willliam?????..  many of 
 the trees in teh northeast have a leaf chewing ?bug causing a very lacy effect against the sky which wasn't too bad... but when he was focusing on the base of this tree,, the leaves on the ground had bites taken out of them-- so kitty had to find  whole leaves.
proving once again  the devil's in the details...
slightly interesting is --way  off in the distance a white car wandered around teh barns that once housed the carriage horses for  "the main house"
it seemed to be studying us ... as we studied it... turns out it was janine who thought we were a crew chasing a loose horse... and we did not know she had parked some 14 of her  donkey rescues in "ann's  mother's barns" 
there are many many funny stories about groton house  and teh yearly event there...  altho it is perfectly maintained... it is not manicured--
 if you are driving by , you can tell if ann is  not home--- because there will be a 2  x 4 wedged holding the door shut-- if she is home, the 2 x 4 is set aside..- no knob--- been that way for years... works fine.
ann has more calluses on her hands than  i do... from doing her own horse stalls--- i remember ( i told this a while ago...) ann and i started an emt course a few years back... and the  opening remarks made by  nice little ( opinionated) man included "this course was not for aging grandmothers as it requires considerable stregnth to hoist unconscious victums"   that was directed at  us....  then came stretcher practice and he gave us a 200+ pound victum and backed off to watch-- we  both had many years of hay bales and grain bags behind us.. so we bent and picked him up and asked "where do you want him?"  it was one of those beautifull  moments.
so much for not having anything to discuss...


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