Tuesday, October 3, 2017

oct 3 2017
as someone in the animal handling business, i find animals performance and reactions  quite reliable-- i find humans to be the lease reliable of all animals i have known.--- my logic in the process of defining what is a service dog, is ---- it is easier to define ( and identify)  what is NOT a service dog.
so if i apply that same logic to gun ownership... it is difficult to prove exactly who is sane-- but i have no problem defining who is not sane-- and that is any one who wants to buy one of those rapid firing guns..
i have known-- and been related to -- several gun owning people-- both male and female-- and  every one of those has... in my opinion. not  only one screw loose, but a whole bunch of  defective screws...  they have owned  just basic handguns-  and all have  amazing reasons why it is necessary for them to tote.  so if you add teh complication  of  the 2nd ammendment  allows  ownership of teh rapid fire ones- in my opinion you have a real nut case on your hands. that should be enough  to define insanity.. and if you want to own one because it is so pretty. then weld shut the barrel--  and-- defining future intention... who fixed these guns to be rapid firing?  is that  kit that  can be ordered on  ebay?... and if itis... why  aren't those people on a list?   
 i do have a quick story about reliable animals.....
i needed a skunk for a  photo commercial in a boston studio.. and i knew a guy who had one... so i went  and talked with him about borrowoing his skunk. he gave me a quick lesson in skunk handling.. and a 3x5 card with instructions- and i went off ot the studio.  all went perfectly.. no problems.. i did exactly as he had told me to handle it... and brought it back.. everything  sweet smelling-
 i thanked him for the loan  and said it was great to know someone with a de- scented skunk...  and he told me... "oh he is not de-scented" 
that was a huge lesson in paying attention to details... i had no problem

rushing today... i have "surgery" tjis morning   8:30-- it has taken months of nonsense to get this " wierd freckle" off the back of my hand...