Friday, October 6, 2017

oct 6 2017
sometimes.....  i get very annoyed with  "the doctor says"  however i just read the directions about the surgery on my hand  and it clearly says  no housework-- wow .... where have you been all my life?????and legally it does not give a  "stop order" so i am good for a long spell !! 
 i can't... the doctor says so...  it also says i should not bend over-- or pick up anything weighing more than 10 pounds...  a wonderful piece of paper... however having been married to a doctor, reality is "oh you should be all right... go ahead and change your own tire"
my  2 favorite particularly offensive "doctors orders" 
"plan on not doing anything for 6 months because it will hurt like hell"   i.e.  don't try....  plan on sitting around eating far too much
"HI--- i am calling because my doctor says i should have a service dog"  
  when ye olde md does not have a clue what a service dog is  or does... and chances are a normal dog would do alot for most people...  at least get them out in the fresh air for a few minutes a day !!
now for.... in my opinion...
 so you wanna get a dog??? please for 6 seconds, give some thought as to what the breed was bred to do... because some things are counterproductive to modern civilization...for example-- if throwing yellow tennis balls is something you always wanted to do...  then the labs and goldens are your dog.  and a dane is not..  the lab  will go get the ball , pick it up , and proudly carry it back to where you stand... the dane may just watch you throw it... or  maybe even run to where it is and put his foot on it... proud of the fact that he located it for you.. so you know where to come get it yourself.  historically... the lab was used to retrieve  a fallen- shot- bird  so you can take it home for dinner.  the dane was bred to chase wild boar- and not kill, but just run around it and create enough confusion so someone else could come and do it in... sound familiar? 
now if you want to  track a lost child in the woods...  a bloodhound  would put his  sophisticated   nose to the ground and  if you learn the dog language , he could tell you all sorts of things.  with a dane,,,, you could drop a piece  of steak on the ground in front of him... and he coud not find it.-----  do not be surprised if a  border collie chases cars-- or anything that moves.... or a jack russell that alerts you to th ef act that the trash people are picking up your neighbors trash.
then the biggie of all this... do not be surprised if you have a dog with those huge jaw muscles  boxers,.. pit bulls... bulldogs... if they bite things..  that is what they are bred to do... bite and hang on while their smushed in nose allows them to breathe.--- thy may not be mean and agressive,  they love to bite-- a happy game with them...
there  are other "givens" -- you can not walk a beagle in the woods without a good leash... because one sniff of a rabbit and  you will listen to his excited bark as he follows the rabbit for miles.....oblivious of you... somewhat like the sight hounds... grey hounds etc.. one glimse of a deer and they are gone.
german shephards are serious workers...not inclined to be the goofy entertainment of a toy  poodle.... but happier working...
i did not even get into hair-- with poodles and schnausers suposidly being less alergic---  if you are into dressing up your dog is cute jackets.. son't get a saint bernard -- husky-- neuf,,  kind-- they have plenty of thier own-- german shephards... corgi..etc  do have a thick undercoat which helps in cold weather and sheds somethign 12 months of the year... then the dane, bassett, grey hound  bunch  with virtually not enough coat to tell about it... and need somethign for a wind breaker at least-- a garbage bag and duct tape. will help.. anything..  i hate to see people going for a long walk all bundled up themselves and nothing  on their  greyhound,,
they are not all the same dog...and there is 100% variation in all breeds anyway...   but if anyone wants to tell me i am off base, come and teach a bunch of my danes  to  retrieve yellow ball.... they can,...  but it will take you a while.
there is one tendency of all dogs.. which  would be dog owners could stand to think about-- the jack russel-- barking at th epostjman as he comes and puts your mnail in the slot...- the postman then turns away   at which  point the jack russel thinks " i won... i chased him" -- so if the jr is ever loos waht the mail comes. chances are he will try and bite.

that concept is related to vacumm cleaner attacks... it backs away often... 

that concept is responsible for alot of dog problems... if 2 dogs, on leashes struggle to go nose to nose, and one owner pulls their dog back, the second dog may think " i scared him and may now attack"-- i have heard too often..."i had the dog in my arms and the other just jumped and bit him..."  -- my point here is... if you are gong to snatch your dog away, you better turn your back quickly...
moving on...
having gwen around for a few dayss puts all sorts on new things in my head... at a later date... i will discuss her new founded elevators without buttons????