Sunday, November 12, 2017

nov 12 2017
we have a few young girls  who are terriffic interns...and they are going back to school- along with needing more starters..i heard something on the telle this morning about young girls going for  "interviews"  and meetings  in slightly illogical places so i wanted to put in all our kids heads...  in job hunting or whatever..... if it sounds even slightly "unusual.."  the correc t response..."i will meet you in your hotel room #478 at 8:30.  i am sure i can get my aunt louise  or uncle harry to come with me"   and if the deal falls thru, there was no deal in the first place.  with all that is happening... the concept  "i am special, this is different .... this guy wouldn't...." is a bunch of  the stuff for which we cut up 3 x 6 cardboards to pick up.   one of the huge problems with holywood is that in the orocess of making movies or whatever,,, there is so much travel where an office in a hotel room is actually normal...  so taking some "old bag" with you is a totally legitimate concept.. and the real offers won't mind at all.
..being a farmer at heart,  you allow only your best  to breed....   as for any misbehaving male animal, you just do not use them..very often keeping them in a group with other misbehaving males.. 
from there i could easily go to  the perils of a group of young in fraternities where to belong you must  die trying to prove you are more stupid than the rest of the group. 
----- in a group of puppies convential wisdom says to avoid the pup who is different and does not run to the fence to greet you , but sits in the back and waits for  you to speak to them...we.... megan steve and i... have all  said that  could be the thinker.... the pup to look over and will perhaps be the best of the litter assuming there is no physical reason to hang back....
animal reactions
there is a pup in audry's litter who had a strange reaction   yesterday when i sadt down with my 3 jars of baby food to spoon feed the group..  he/she  "took off" and ran under the camera table... extremely wierd-- i wish i could tell you which one exactly... but i can't..  i did pick it up ( picking up is something not often allowed) and sat it net to me for an individual spoon feed session  and it did relax and joined the group..  we need to watch for that again and try and figure out why...  maybe i was just not jeri... could be a big reason...
and then the donkeys... as a group.. they are  alarmed at the blue jackets in a very strange reaction.... steve ( meatctter steve) was the first to notice.. the painted lady jumped and ran off when he came in the stall with his jacket-- he later took it off and she was normal... so tom tried it and got the same reaction..  have we discovered something about the color blue?   
6:31 am..... we are having our morning howl  even the pups joing bentley - chaos and seems to be the one to start it 
cold draft---- megan says the wind blows down the hill from the partridgeberry place and blows in all those doggie doors... so i bought a bunch of concrete blocks to try and  build a wind breaker at each one... the lesson for the day is those concrete bl0cks come full size or half size-- which is how you get to stagger the seams for stability's sake.. i always thought they had to break them-- not true.. so for those of you about to build a wall of blocks-- get some 1/2's  i did watch the green house being built and saw those used there-- every corner and door needed 1/2's.....  
 got to fiddle with those today-- like shove a 2 x 4 down th ehole to keep it together ( as we are not gluing them together until we get the design perfected...)
every sunday  i wish someon e would put mo's harneess on her for practice... so that might happen 
you might see me watching from my "heated golf cart"  aka toyota sequoia .. it is nap type cozy in there ( with a window open)-- or tractor would work too... i love my heat...
we had lots  and lots of comments about scott's video
you all can take great pride in financing of dash by buying those foolish chicken bricks..... ------many of you saw dash being born and trained...  i think dash was born  nov 2012-- so she must have been the second litter born after the cameras went in.. probably when we were suffering with the portable cameras with no sound... boy have we come a long way... thanks 100% to charlie and  i do not have a clue about the exact details... i do remember saying to someone " as long as they don't cost  us anything..."   the other thing i distinctly remember is  the black box that connected teh camera to the internet was a tiny thing with an 18 digit password.... that you had to get by using  one button and holding it til you got to the rignt letter and case was  maybe my first absolutely definite indication , i could no longer do this stuff all by myself...

By now i know full well how dependent sdp is on all the staff and volunteers as i can  not  get all these dogs even fed every day.. let along kept clean and we have encouraged  some very competent help-- from the extremes of    linda to bud, megan to tom,  plus all the ... there are over 100.   and someone always manages to get some kind of dinner ready every night-- even if it is by phone & delivery...