Wednesday, November 15, 2017

nov 15 2017
since you probably expect to get  the 2018 calendar before 2019 ----  it will be written off today....any typos, spelling -- holidays ( missing or added) are where they are ---it may be ordered by sending money   here.  even now.....and  we will deal...-- we also already  have a couple  of "tina's angels"   who  have already sent us money for an extra calendar for someone who might have trouble  finding money for one. i think that  was tina's brainstorm- and it is a good one...  now as for postage... we are asking for $5. from everyone  even tho alot of teh postage is $3.. and the extra money will help with the $8 zip codes and teh $22 europe mailings.-- it is jut simpler-- if anyone wants to send us extra money for postage you go right ahead.... don't let me stop you !!  i think last year's postage was just  over $5000 for the +/-1000 we sent-- so the $5 is close enough for government work.
 i am sure most of you are familiar with my philosophy, "if a hammer won't work, get a bigger hammer...."  well ........  while sitting in the nice warm  bath tub, i tried to hook up  one  of teh hand held shower things... which involved  male ends and female ends- and a lever to swithc from tub to shower.... i  was so sure that  with the right equipment  and funny little chrome pieces, that it wouldnt be difficult to put the puzzle together...... i even knew about "dope"-- that wierd  thin plumber's tape stuff to wrap around the threads to seal better.... i knew considering things like slippery soapy water and things, i was due to have trouble  untwisting the  3/4 inch male to male end already in the female end of the  spout  .( i hope further explinatio of the commonplace  plumbing terminology is not necessary....)  so i had "big red" in the tub with me...   big red is a huge  red handled  slip wrench.. when the  male end of the  faucet argued with  me, i gave it a good one.... with those long handles i was able to get considerable "purchase" on the  thing.... which did not release the 30 years of gruck holding it together... however, it solved the problem itself by splitting the spout in such a way that  now i can sit in the tub and have a vey fine spray of water hit me right in the  face without any extra chorme pieces..  now  the only way to shut it off is to call a plumber -- which i will do just as soon as we have another plumbing problem
speaking of bathtubs... i remember---  i discovered roomate in edinburgh used to sit in the "wrong" end of the tub....  she declared it was quite correctly... deeper there... just out of curiosity  i never had a chance to take any statisticas on that,,  but is there anyone of our DD readers who sits in the end with the drain???
water .. and plumbing... i think to wagter any donkeys who might be staying in the back "tanners lodge", we will have to gee some more jerry  containers  -- those rectangular carriers with handle and spout.-- there are many horses- particularly the draft kind, who are given access to water a couple times a letting them out of their stalls  one at a get a drink- then going back when finished-- tehreason i mention it is  with winter -- it is the only time of year when water does not run down hill... the stuff freezes-- even if you drain th ehose, if you get tidy and hang it up, enough drips will get together at the bottom of the loop and form a 1" plug making th ehose totally useless til you drag it into a heated area for 48 hours  til you can blow into it.-- i have a way of dealing with the oses in the barn... but every  year, there are a few who need training about leaving the hose flat on the floor after draining it...

just to complete this frozen water topic for the day.... when i lived in lynnfield-- and had all those 4h girls, ... for watering the barn....we had a "gate valve" which shut the water off and drained it down 4 feet below ground... ocassionally ther would be a small drip that would freeze the area around the handle necesitating gong to the house  for a cup of warm water to unfreeze that...  the group we had were very bright--- and they did figure out that  instead of going to the house for warm water, there was  enough warm fluid between them to unfreezethe handle much quicker.