Monday, November 20, 2017

nov 20 2017
today's   incidental intelligence  provided by cp..Mandy    
Thanksgiving has been the 4th Thursday in November for as long as I can remember, which, being less than 40 years, isn't saying much, so I looked it up. The Wikipedia article has these two important points:    "The final Thursday in November had become the customary date in most U.S. states by the beginning of the 19th century."
"On December 26, 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a joint resolution of Congress changing the national Thanksgiving Day from the last Thursday in November to the fourth Thursday. Two years earlier, Roosevelt had used a presidential proclamation to try to achieve this change, reasoning that earlier celebration of the holiday would give the country an economic boost."
So it turns out you're right, Carlene, it's all about the money. *sigh* 

i did order teh entire  t'bird dinner from spinelli's-- it could be done here ... except  the best oven is in the guest house, and  the puppies are in the main house so anyone babysitting the cooking of the turkey would be pretty much in seclusion... except for when they had to run across teh driveway to get all teh paraphnelia like salt , pepper and ladles which  are in this kitchen ...the t tent has a pretty good oven too...--well,, you get the picture... cooking here is possibel.... but not when you can get teh enire 9 yards in one huge cardboard box  which will fit nicely in the back onf my car.

i am hard pressed for topics...but... one of my more amazing discoveries yesterday is the amount of turkey gravy on sale in the markets--REALLY????  WELL MAYBE I CAN OFFER some usulally useless educational  information-- along with my mother telling us--- if a policeman says to stop, you do that.---.she also told me that ---there were people in the world who did not know that the  brown stuck on goop in the bottom of the roasting dish was where gravy came from...and i saw her do it !!!  she poured off alot of what ws probably fat, then put the pan(metal)  on a burner added a bit of water and gurgled it while scraping off all the browned on bits-- then she took a jar- with a lid, and added cold water to  a bunch of flour and shook it smooth , then slowly poured and stirred  it into the simmering  watery stuff in the pan- which thickened it into GRAVY !!    SHE EXPLAINED THAT THE BURNED ON BROWN STUFF IS WHAT HAD ALL THE FLAVOR ( AND COLOR) IN IT...  that was before you could buy brown stuff in a little square bottle---  which made the gravy look right, but  it was lacking the burned on chiunks which gave it the flavor.  pouring the flour/water  too fast is how you make lumpy gravy-- which can be poured into a blender to make non lumpy gravy-   she didn't have  blender... she knew how to pour it .... because in her day and age , lumpy gravy was as bad aa an american indian woman with a  wrinkles in her  teepee.-- people would talk. "she is a very nice person but she serves lumpy gravy"  
she spent alot of time dealing with people who would talk-- i think it was mostly women who were waiting in the wings to attack if she  sent her kids to school with store bought bread....."you have to learn how to iron a man's wouldn't want to send your husband off to work  wrinkled"-- little did she realize that the way to keep those shirts perfectly ironed was to vote against deporting all those people who started a great business keeping those shirts perfectly ironed   sometimes as fast as in one hour.
looking back---only because looking forward doesn't work....---her  whole generation lived in fear of other females- she never realized her birthday which we had ceolebrated for 65 years on july 30th... was wrong...when she went to apply for ssa, she had to get her birth certificate.. which showed  she was actually born 3 months earlier in pitsfield mass-- not the normal family location of new rochelle, ny.......just to make the math come out right.--- today it is acceptable., if you are married within 4 years of the birth of your first 2 children, 

that public pressure is not much different than being trained that   the day after thanksgiving is to be a national shopping day " black friday"-- but you see how this year even those  traditions have been shot down-- as today is monday- and we are to behave like it is black friday????  in  other words..... just to put it in perspective... the giving of thanks for the harvest, has been altered to accomodate the shopping for things 99% of which are made in china...
bring back all the manufacturing of  widgets so they re made in usa... is a grand idea, but keep in mind  along with   the jobs, we are bring back all the  pollution that goes with manufacturing.  much of why all those chinese citizens wear those face masks is making the stuff they put in those huge shipping containers that run into our navy vessels so the containers can end up keeping the rats off our donated  purina dog food.

it ws a long haul from gravy to purina, but i made it.--