Monday, November 27, 2017

nov 27 2017

i should not watch tv at 2am.... but there is not alot to do after going to bed at  6 pm because the #$%^& day is entirely too long... so ...last night it was   ireland-- that is ireland "A" and ireland "B"  as explained by a little old lady who said " that  ridge in the distance was the  line between the two-- and if the gov't ( whichever one, i wasn't sure) put in a crossing  station, it would make a useless    bump in the horizon. "  then the cattle farmer - who's cattle seemed to be roaming without the benifit of fencing..." the grass is green all over  both sides of the line which goes thru here somewhere." ..apply that same lack of personal involvement---  i am quick to admit mr moon.. whoever he is... is a very efficient person with whom i have done business  in the process of getting some more harnesses made..-- it does not occur to me that he is from china.. as my relationship with mr moon is strictly  what is the best way to get this job done. my lack of concern for who's wife sat where at some state dinner in  china is astronomical..  there are  artificial boundries set by governments... and religions which cause divisions not normally present in nature. examples of absolute stupidity??/   cathloic and protestant in norhtern ireland - or the suni's ands someone else  in teh mid east-- been fighting each other ... or the christians ... or muslims   for thousands of years-- i really don't know what the  end game is ... the rest of the world seems to just keep providing  lotsa guns and let them go at it.  but if someone  like that chef guy tony goes somewherer, like iran, and sits down with normal people, the people as individuals are very nice  coffee or beer drinking  sorts. just don't get involved with government groups..
there are 14 million directons i could go with this   and i fully intend to  insult absolutely everyone- ----an equal opportunity  insulter.
moving on to groping---also in the news....
 i do have distinct feelings about the groper and gropee-- i much prefer the dog solution-- if the male dog approaches the female and she is not  ready to talk to him... she bites him that any male with any experience says "may i?"..   there is part of me that does not want to totally discourage the entire dance... what i want is to be able to  do is comment-- either with a sly grin... or screeching and  bashing him in the head with my pocketbook or other heavy item...i notice many of the latest  objections are in the process of picture taking... even  usually polite old Mr Bush... the guy sees an opportunity where the woman does not want to embarass herself .---  why on earth should she be embarassed???  who says so????     i would like t see the headline  "congressman xxxx was taken to the hospital with head injuries suffered while riding the elevator with a young  female intern with sharp nails"----   it would not take long before most men would behave better... as for rape... that is different- a rapist should simply be shot or neutered... either would work.. 
there was a video long ago of a guy in a new sports car and an old lady crossing  the street in front of him slower than he liked ... so he blew the horn at her and she bashed his car with her pocketbook and the fender fell off.  i liked that one.
never thought i 'd see the day....
janine is thinking  of selling  lincoln and get some riding mules... lincoln is exactly what some people want.. huge... sound.. jump anything... beautful  shiney black and beautifully trained... except he is strong ---especially when he does not get the exercise he thinks he needs...  janine apparently had her hands full on the thanksgiving day hunt.. nearly passing the guy in the red coat in the front-- a huge no no.   she said he nearly got away from her before she even got on him... never heard her say that before... she also mentioned something about hearing a bunch of crackles and snaps  in her bones when he "flew the coop" ( which in horse terms meant he  jumped very high over the coop)
so if anyone hears of a nice pair of riding and driving mules-- big--  16 hands-- (4 inches to the hand)  let me know.
i am told tanner did an exceptional job making a new door  between the arena and kennel-- so watch  for it when they move the camera..
no time to find copy pastes today