Saturday, November 4, 2017

nov 4 2017
i have 2 1/2 minutes to write this DD  as gwen is here  -- from north carolina-- with her car .. and i have to be careful what she fills it up with and removes to the hills of north carolina...  she has  her eye on the antique doctor's  scale behind me-- and a glass punch bowl  that ajay almost had down on the street to give away...  ajay saw the need to basically unload teh cellar-- which  she did.  now -- enter gwen-- who can see what's left to stuff in her car to go south.-- it happens--  old family relics  which i haven't seen in years anyway... so i can fill the place up  with more critical things ... like pee pads and fluffies.
 the street-- give aways...  i was appaled to see that our 2 huge stacks of pallets have finally gone.... so i replace them with some  fence pannels that even the dump won't take. 
what started this was .. the most valuable thing gwen has confiscated is my mothers  recipie file... and  teh canning recipies in that file....  i did n't realize at the time   that the relish's were actually our vegatable  which she had canned in the  season of plenty...   corn relish, tomato something  and bread and butter pickles...
this is hadrdly an  exciting dd--  but i am  distracted...
audrey's temp   100.2