Monday, November 6, 2017

NOV 6 2017
you know your intellect is misdirected when you don't dream of  future accomplishments but rather of pork shoulder with gravy... talk about fortunate inheritance.... apparently  xxxxx and yyyyy ( between poor hearing and vision i can not tell you what their names are..  i did recognise the new yourk part) they wanted to be involved with animals like the  ones on the explore.or.. so they called someone out there who suggested they contact us...
thank you  explore !!! so we have inherited  2 super volunters.... he is a chef and she is anotehr compulsive worker  like megan and judy--the entire staff was thrilled with his pork shoulder..  so much so that tom asked someone to save a plate of it because he wasn't here sunday. 
"it is too soon to talk about the shooting" gets more ridiculous  as we go -- because  as  the events get closer and closer together  teh time between events approaches zero - congress just can't find time to address the issue of rapid firing guns..
so i had a few thoughts...instead of insisting on a background check... start with reality.. anyone who wants to buy one of those reppeating rifles is a mental health case by definition. and should go on an FBI  "watch list"  -----  maybe i have been an animal person for too long- but  it seems to me that these rifles are someon's attempt to replace a lack of   "those round things i put in all the monkey fists i make ". ----- at my tender age, i have known and been related to alot of people, and there is a "sub set" them   that have owned guns.--  in that sub set 100% are bona fided  nut cases. -- three of them are women-- one an animal control person who patted her hip threateningly as she explained she could break into anywhere she wanted... another was some kind of federal marshall  who's gun was more important to her  "i carry a gun you know.." much different than any  other official federal marshal i ever knew...  the third is just someone who lets everyone know she has a gun  seemingly to establish her credibility? i dunno... as for  the men who carry guns-- i say are  100% nut cases because the  case which should contains nuts  is empty????
i do suggest...- and my advice to young girls-- is --- with the exception of official police personnel---do not date or consider marrying any guy who finds it necessary to carry a rifle/ gun---because in the long run they will be lacking  a much more interesting part.... and could eventually be very dangerous---either because of violence ,stupidity,  or lack of responsibility as to where he keeps the thing.
high powered men do not need a high powered rifle.  i better quit there.
back to pregnancy-- that donkey --- i am living moment by moment-- waiting for a phone call about feet stickeing  out of  donkey bum....i can not imagine how she is going to push out the baby elephant she  must have in there....-- i look at her belly and teh space between her hips, and  it makes me worried ---  there are 2 wide parts to a foal... the shoulders and the hips-- generally if teh shoulders get out, th ehips will follow...  but it looks ominius to me...i will ask bryan to have a look at the camera today..  i don't think there is a thing we can do about it.  i have seen all kinds of cases of  pulling  a calf out of a cow .... but the primary goal there is to end up with a cow that gives milk because she just had a calf.. sometimes the calf is the by-product.. and if a male calf  ... of no huge value. 
we will do the best we can....
audrey's temp is 100.4-- and the  mastitis lump is about  1/2 the size it was...  jeri is going to take a pup home withher... she is not telling anyone which  one it is.
cam op lee was teh shatupon winner yesterday---  also... we have some new camera watchers... and one tried to find out what all this shatupon  business is all about..  so i went to google shat.. and there are  a few efforts at definition... and there-- way down at the bottom of about 7 others, is our chicken shatting..- maybe pam shojuld work on our web to get the word shat furthere up on the list....
moving along...  to the pork shoulder....