Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NOV 8 2017
we have a school to do this morning about ?community service?  
big excitemen of yesterday was  grinding off mo's back teeth..
turns out  the nerves are way down at the gum level- and she did not seem to mind at ll... she had 2 back teeth which had no opposing lower teeth wso they grew so long that she coudn not chew properly--  the horrid grinding noisn never seeks to bother the horse... but it sure makes me drool...  the grinder -- well designed and new to me... was a 24 inch long diamond plate thing which goes on  an electric drill--( i think he said it cost $2000)  and saves hours of manyal filing..  bryan is good at that i was seeing them out the gates i heard someone had offered to pay for his services... but since bryan's land line was out of service, and we only got messages...i didn't find out who  so i can  thank them...  
o i am anxious to feed mo carrot and see how long it takes her to chew correctly...  she has to have been at it for a good 10 years to get her jaws locked like that..
i bet that was why she was in the killers pen.. coldn't put on weight..

lets try now...  i did buy some chopped hay laced with molassas for her to work on  in the past week.. she loves that stff...
bryan admitted she was a nice animal !! 

how many countries are we in????? i onlly had to ask "cloud"  who sent me a perfect list  -- the answer is 34... and  i quickly counted 51 sttes

 which one are we minus??? you figure it out... i have to get the ddogs ready ( empty) to go to school....


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