Sunday, November 19, 2017

nov19 2017
cake day !!! to the fire departments....

as we get organied to deal with ... hopefully... thousands of orders for calendars, linda and i started "cleaning out" ---"  looking over"  the content of her little corner of the world....
well... the   "give it to linda to deal"    has to stop.. and i am the most guilty...
people-- camera people come up with some fantastic ideas- and products we could "market"  from bumpoer stickers to wrist bands to collars... to my monkey fists ( now isn 4 sizes/colors) ...linda put it very well...   "i feel like i am running a gift store at teh airport" so we made teh executive decision... to put all the extra things on the freebee table with all teh candy  and let volunteers and staff help themselves-- because to have linda deal with a 50 cent item is lovely-- but not worth her time....  my way out of teh small ( cheaper) monkey fist-- is to have any camera person  who wants one send me te self addressed envelope- and i just put one in and trow it in the outgoint mail place-- if i have to find the envelope and address it, the small ones are then $5...  which  as a zipper pull or school bag decoration,  is still an intresting gift.   i should put that reminder on the chicken brick welcome board....
sizzle--- is becoming a dog... she has been a lemon for a long time as with alot of teenage dogs--- ican rely a bit more now with her... and i must say, she marches around costco with authority ignoring everyone....--- and gets twice the compliments that bentley gets.. with her i can pull the "isn't she beautiful?" and i can say  "oh  do you mean the dog?" gets  a few chuckles sometimes  - and i get to talk with a few people who look like thy might be candidates for vv  ( visit and volunteer-- new terminology ) and hand out  few pokerchips---( on which we are getting low ....MARKKKKKK)
APPARENTLY MARK, AS  'dartworld'  bought a new machine for 234 million dollars to make pokerchips  IN COLOR i never thought about it... but as people collect those thiings- and he makes them for places like  budweiser and  motorcycles-- ... they are good ones-- and survive many cycles thru the laundry... another  goldie does google....
i have said it before, but dartworld, ( and mark is the guy with the big fancy desk in the corner.... ) has teh most tidy warehouse i have ever seen....  i am not sure why you need to know that .. except mark's mind is teh same one that can locate any individual SDP  picture  in teh 43,000 pictures on his computer... i have seen him do it..... to the rest of us....  me... i find that talent particularly annoying,  how does he do it.???.  ..  apparently donna's husband , when hearing a song, can play it perfectly on the piano... another talent of which i am most jealous. 
 speaking of goldie... i bought a chair at staples.. in pieces in a box-- i never liked my old one... i get home and find tom's job in the past was putting together chairs for staples....
i do not know who decided thanksgiving was not the last thursday in november... i bet it was teh black friday group.... all this early  black friday super sales has to  make one stop and think........ and think..... when teh biggest sale- cheapest price is  dec 26th-- so what you should do is celebrate christmas (Xmas, Holidays) on jan 3rd or to buy all 2018's christmas gifts on jan 3,-- unless all your relatives are my age... i didn't say jan 1st   in case you  went to times squaree and had too much to drink on dec 31 
personally times square is the last place i would go on dec 31-- actually it is  not high on my  list  of destinations anywhere in the world...
one lace i would like to see is teh fedex sorting facility in tennassee

i might be able to use some of their tactics around here...

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