Sunday, December 17, 2017

dec 17 2017
last night's emali has to have been a record-- as i looked around there was virtually no floor uncovered by dog/human/boxes or furnature..  thank heavens i put the extra lally columns in the cellar-- 6puppies,bentley chaos sizzle, asher,ringo ( in icu  neutered)  = 11  all great danes,--- then me  ,megan#2,kathy erica steve tanner,sharan, grace ,susie , and about "12 boxes... 5 of them huge...  there was not enough sofa.s -so 2 of the dogs wandered looking for treats out of the openiing of the mail .  and we did not have a dog fight as bentley tolorated 2 other male dogs in th egroup.. well.. 2 ex males. this is being the "giving time of year"   tis more blessed to give than to recieve????- thankfully we have many camera people who can donate--- because we certainly can recieve...
as for boxes.....
my record for  number of boxes in one mail call is 59-- and that was during our "bird house" saga...  there is a poicture soewheree????  if i had that photo, i might get it in the video we are doing??? help????? 59 boxes on  my golf cart?????  can't see me????? somebody must have it.??
the video-- is coming into better form while it drives me nuts...and  erica and  megan#2 went thru it to check the timine-- i am #$%^&*()_sick of watching it... ann is a good speaker and her segment can be broken up to introduce each part...  so the concept is.... to locate each segment with  the time bar... so when i get  together with eric i can say   move anne 12.34-13.07 to before  me at 4.55-- and it will make sense...-- i have it all on spread sheet..  short term memory comes in to play here.. so i needed someone to check it.   i now have 2 files  as recorded...  and then  in a dewey decimal system bit about moving pieces around...  then the next file is a bunch of still shots which can be inserted so that there is lees of my face and more interesting dog shots.
what i want to do... and this will involve judy's husband-- or else jack to build us a set.... i wanbt to get in the video my bit about  teh airport screening... my contention is that if there was  a sign "all service animals must walk thru the screening  alone..."  that would solve 99% of tehproblems withthe  yappy carried on pets pr the odd "service rooster" 
erica saaid when she first had asher, in the first 2 weeks, she went to get on a plane and was requested to do that...  being so new, it never occurred to her it might be a problem. so she just took off all his harness and called him thru which... being a well trained service dog he had no trouble doing...
now picture wanda in that situation... you would be chasing her thru the magazine section of the airport gift store...
 if judy's husband (  pilot for delta) can get is into the practice scanner i think we could film that  which would be a terriffic addition to the video... 

the additional consideration is.. by splitting this video into ann segments, -- who we are.. what our dogs do( show recipients) .. how they are trained..and the adi public access test with a few secondws of what is not a service dog.. eric ends the video with a very silly   section of me opening the mail while we run teh credit of all the volunteers... so it will be a great thing... on which i am gambling 10K...
eric will be  around about 12/25 to do some more filiming...  and voice over...
so we need to find  a TSA  screening  place.... JUDY???????? 

some bad news
Long time CP Jackie May from Indiana lost her husband, Tom May yesterday morning.  They both have visited the farm several times, Jackie more frequently than with Tom. Their last visit to the farm together came about 2 1/2 years ago when Tom had just received his diagnosis of lung cancer. Jackie is mostly remembered by Carlene for her "Indiana chili" which she made each time she came.

Here is the link to Tom's obituary. As you can see, the family has requested in lieu of flowers that donations be made to SDP. Jackie requests that she be informed of any donations that might be made so that she can thank the donors.

Her email address is
Take care, 



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