Wednesday, December 20, 2017

dec 20 2017

I DID GET THE " CAKE OF THE 19th" TO THE FIRE DEPARTMENT- A BEAUTIFUL THING BECAUSE I HAD TO GO PAST SPINNELLI'S AFTER DROPPING "TEH CP's' at the shuttle.. which gave us  a "family size pan of eggplant parm  for supper too..  and i learned that  spinnelli's does christmass dinner too...  not only that but they deliver it the day before.. i am's reasarch-- christmass dinner-- which has been donated to us...
on the topic of food...  a bag full of soup is a new one for me...  but apparently that is how it comes  -- on that cold day last week... grace suggested i go get some  chicken corn chowder from farmer brown's----- now farmer brown's smells good from the minute you get your hands on the shopping cart and roll it over the bumpy wooden  "farm type " floor.----  because of the smells, i  assumed they were cooking there...WRONG .. FABREEZE MUST PUT OUT AN AEROSOL CALLED  HOME COOKING....--- because when i asked for a gallon of their soup theguy got  out a plastic bag and squeezed a gallon into a plastic jug-- giving me a chance to look over the "kitchen" area.. where they were broiling chickens--..  but those bags of soup..... and he fact that the soup is so consistant in all ways, i decided it must be commercially produced somewhere..
we have a very diverwse "community"  and i mentally went thru our list of recipients-- which did not take long because of my poor memory... and the last poerson to leave a  dog here was mindy's owner--  a family who is in the commercial  bulk food business--  so i mentioned the soup--- and last night he showed up with 4 bags of frozen soup ---chowder and  a mexican flavored one..- by moving our some of the frozen yogurt bars we were able to put them in the freezer here.  by noon today i suspect we will be CORN chowdering-- probably bycrock pot-- because to use a normal pan on oa norma stove is conducive to  unknown flying objects-- as people sweep.. and things...-- better the closed container...
mindy was  here because she came in heat--  red type heat--- which is generally not the fertile tyime... the salmon color daubed on a piece of toilet paper ..will tell you exactly what every male dog within 7 miles will tell you... the determination of the males is inversely proportional to the amt of red  on the tiolet paper.   thumper---one of our best  cleared 2 six foot fences and pawed - and ate his way thru 1/4 inch plywood to inseminate his daughter.... i think that is the only unplanned pregnancy-- but it was a goldie moment  as thumper retired, his  son  'bumpy" took over very nicely--  bumpy got his name because he still had 2.-- to sire  4 litters  one of which included bentley.
which reminds me... time to daub reese and send her home--  the real way to test that would be to ask bentley -- if he gets bitten she goes home.. problem with that wou ld be if he does not get bitten  we could have a  litter with 2 fathers...Because of the determination factor, i am not sure i could break it up
that is enough of that for the day..
 in the process of getting erica and asher   on  the train to boston, i/we met a nice guy waiting for the train--as we  3 talked, i asked if he was a veteran and why did he have crutches...  he quickly  pointed out that his other leg was in his back pack.. ( not too observant   was i?) --  made me think he might enjoy joining our "community" as he was livingin one room in beverly... right by the train ... which comes to i[swic.... and he was quick---- he has a poker chip so he might get in touch... hopefully -- have at it goldie !!  
no recipient reports... so the ony other piece of information  whichyou mighfind interesting--- megan took walter to angel(the biggest  animal hospital in boston)  and the  vet gave her a patch and told her to use  - 

so i ordered some--  $15.00  for a 4x5 patch-- but if it helps close thathole  it could be a cheap solution... PLEASE-----DON'T GO SENDING ME ANY-- THANK YOU... IT IS AN EXPERIMENT  AND I KNOW HOW GENEROUS YOU ALL CAN BE  -- LETS STICK TO CHICKEN BRICKS AND SEE IF THIS TEST WORKS...