Friday, December 8, 2017

dec 8 2017
snow is predicted... the plow is behind the dump trailer which i need to use to go get a huge  sofa somehere in haverhill maybe today???
i need to be out of here 7am   for a rotary breakfest talk at 7:30am...

sounds simple... nothing is.... i should take a dog... bentley.. and ... he has a pretty regular bowel system and creates a movement  about 9am  after his dinner.. so how to get around that???.  couple big cookies and take him down to run around for a few minutes and see if we can get him moving.... and the n take someone with me... overnight person ... who is now in her car trying to find clothing more respectable that the sweatpants she slept in while minding puppies overnight..nothing is simple 
so much of my life is related to the management of shlt.. WRONG??? not very !!!

larger problem-- the wild rumor department-- megan met someone at the last adi convention who would like to try training danes.. and megan and i decided we could give them 2 pups from the bunch we now have-- maybe one black, one merle-- it would be wonderful for everyone if the adi world would stop being so aftraid of danes...-- so i  would like to do thie..  and we are not short of pups right now... with reese coming in heat this week...-- somehow that got twisted around to my giving ALL the puppies away and someone got upset and said they didn't work here to run a puppy mill.. OUCH !!!! if so ...   we run  the finest puppy mill on the earth maybe--- welllll... giving 2 pups to  another adi trainer-( accredited trainer...)  is inmy opinion in the best interest of service dog project's long term goals...i am delighted to discuss those goals with anyone  really concerned that 2 pups out of  20  would depreciate our "stock" -- but i will not tolorate  ridiculous behind the scenes complaints that are not factual...  that is for facebook..  that is also why  i never read facebook...

my impression of facebook is people wanting to stay connected with freinds, and then sometimes it provides an audience for a kneejerk reaction where someone who has very little fact to go on  can drum up an audience at whom they can vent.  this can do immense damage--i have heard said lately... one person on facebook with bad info can require 900 hoiurs of effort  on the part of an organization to undo the damage...  the real facebook problem is  there is no way of sorting out the people who do it by accident... and the very few sick people   who are thrilled to cause damage...  so i don't read it..
i prefer to pass around ridiculous information of dubious source on this daily doggie..
and at the moment  i can't think of any intelectual informaton to pass around.

megan is to pick up  watson in portsmouth at 8:00 and we have a tentative xray apt at 11:45--  dah now being run by some national et association and not george myersw,  they want to do a complete physical befor a hip xray.   ....  because they will have to  knock him out  to get him upsdie down on the table...... in this case i don't mind teh exam... becaus e lisening to his heart and lungs etc  does have some value.. however... there is an ew vet at dah that dies not know i will not pay $56  for a physical exam so they can have a rabies shot  for $26... when i can go to the local pet store for $6 for the same shot.  i will pay teh $26  because they do keep good records .. and that has been valuable on ocasion... the way  i see the physical... i should not tempt fate... but life around here with these rough and tumble pups, if theer was anytign wrong with them , we would notice... besides  grace has pretty good ears for heart listening  also...

grace and her RN skills are very good to have around herer....  #1 RN's put things back where they beliong.... and #2 ocassionally her medical knowledge is handy..  like i had to stay awake and miss my nap yesterday  becaus i banged my head pretty hard on the new drivewway as mo knocked me over in her run down the street..  aside from a lumped head, i survived...

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