Saturday, December 9, 2017

dec 9 2017
Finally i understand the problems of the world......i have decided that 10,000 years ago when darwinian theory was in full practice,--- you know... you figured things out or something ate you- this natural selection of clever people,   made it possible to build things we now pay archeologists to TRY AND FIGURE OUT.. case in point... the ancient  greek bunch of people decided to build a seat of government-- which was all well and good-- and teh #1 god they decided to worship was a "she"  Athena... not haveing radio tv and computer to spread the news,  the local loud mouth startted making decisions-- like   " we will make a beautiful  marble  building on top of that hill"  never realizing #1 it was the #1 area for seizemic activity in the known world and the darn marble was 10 miles away...---plus up that hill??? ----- but it was going to be beautiful jst as soon as the ladies in the 4h district figured out how to get paint to stick to the  marble  with beeswax and parafin---- so the first thing they had to do was build a road to lug these 10 ton blocks of rocks even to the bottom of the 230 foot hill . ----- at the bottom of this hill were a few intelectual and  exceedingly creative guys along with a few really big strong ones who were just waiting to  get these 10 ton  rocks up the hill for some  engineer types to figure out  how to  pile on top of each other with things like iron and lead pins.. and because this area was so prone to earth quakes   they figured out an elaborate wooden pin arraingement  to keep the blocks of marble on top of each other.

the project also kept "the masses" involved  because under the parthenon were 10,000 limestone blocks  that the last loudmouth tried to  put in a building shape-- that was before they knew that they were worshiping the wrong god and had to redo their thinking to this Athena person.. but the limestons was a good foundation for the marble  project..the unemployment was kept low  because the new marble project started with 13,000  perfect rectangles  which kept alot of chippers employed...-  they got the whole thing together and made a fatal mistake in  covering  Athena with a layer of gold-- which eventually was the attractant to make all those "makers of the perfect  marble rectangles" realize  that if they could chip off a handful of that gold from whatever part of Athena was easyist to grab  , they could bank it and  become part of the wealthy decision makers.   this great leap in status  caused  a gap in the intelectual activity--  to the  point where much of the  mental structure fell part- and lacking any intelectul structure this "seat of government" that started out to be  fine idea, was crumbled by too many people trying to grab a chunk of Athena's gold plate.

so much for the history of the world
now to the world according to watson...  he passed his exam ( hips and elbows) and spent the rest of the day being cuddled  by grace donna and he vocally tried to expalin that his head was swimming in drugs...-- there is no way you can turn a dane upside down for hip xrays with out massive drugs...  just to be sure this daily dogie continues to pass on  correct information,,,  watson was  NPO ( NOTHING BY MOUTH) AFTER MIDNIGHT, BUT TO BE SURE THEY GIVE THEM A PPP SHOT before anesthesia...  that is  so they will puke, pee, and poop before getting knocked out...  watson got 2 of the three correct..  he must have pee'd before we got there...anyway   all i was looking for was bad -- yes or no.."if they are bad, i need to know now....scott and oneother veternarian looked over the xrays and pronounced  them "not bad"  which was all i could hope for becuse he should be 1 year older before you  make any decisions aobout  his hios etc...  so if we do "use" him to father  pups, we need to be careful what we do with hthose pups until we see some long term results on them... i.e.   i see no reason not to use watson-  we did look at cole-- who is another year old male  that is very enthusiastic about any fathering project... more so than watson-- so we have cole as back up in case watson  cannot figure it out what goes where  ...  the old wives tail is " if they  lift their leg to pee, they are ready to breed."  i forgot  to ask meg which direction he pee'd ---
moving on.... to anothe more sobering project... gazebo moving
just as bud, tom and i were getting the new/old sofa in haverhioll, i got this  message from janine...

I found a gezebo for sale in Beverly for $250 (see attached).  It maybe time to replace the one in the yard with a nicely constructed Gezebo.  Dana said he had the equipment to move it.
of course i said go for it... it could  replace the "smoking shed" who's roof has rotted to the point of hardly holding up the old umbrella canvas keeping the smokers ( and our skeleton) dry.