Monday, January 29, 2018

jan 29 2018
sizzle get in the car......sizzle get in the car......sizzle get in the car......siz--zle--get --in --the-- get out and let sizzle get in......sizzle get in the car...sizzzzzzzz... whoops---  chaos get in the car...
the look on chaos face was priceless " you dummy, i really want to get in the car , but,  i am not sizzle" -- the look on tanners face wasn't a lot different-- especially when he said "you all right  to find your way home?"
i seem to remember a very young daughter Gwen saying to me "i am not Janine"- so i have not got any better...
lotsa new people here yesterday-- you would think it was spring--i even walked around  outside nearly 30 feet- actually to get some of the meatballs scooter karen had in the t tent...  boy were they good... and the sauce....... ( this is the big fyi of the day)  prego spaghetti sauce right out  of the bottle  -- but in a crock pot overnight...she said that made a big difference... it sure seemed to...
reminded me of .... the meatball sandwiches i had at the home of an italian boyfriend along the way-- which we had in very crusty fresh bread...
moving on...
these buckeyes are getting tooo big to be in the house-- they no longer fit on a love seat with an adult --sizzle will tolorate it   bently and chaos do not like bedfellows.
lots of discussion among camera people about  who to breed next... boy don't i love pressure to make up my mind which by all past history. i might change anyway... or mother nature might change it for me.-- i did just talk to sunday sandy-- and she says opal is  well exercised... even if she is roundish... apparently they walk 2-3 miles a day...  she is no spring chicken...- 6.5 years is not too old for normal dogs-- and she is healthy
baring the unforseen, she is due in heat  in march- so i am leaning toward  breeding her.  not sure to who...opal and gromet have had some really nice pups...  i don't know yet what watson will throw... and even after he has a litter "on the ground"  by the time we have to breed opal in march, we won't realy know much.  gene wise, i wouod really like to have  a breeder or two not related to walter and scarlott.  opal and watson is harl to harl--  but we do have a couple people who said they wouod love to home  a deaf dane... both are heavily marked with black... so we might be ok... looking back... every time we have bred harl to harl we have had one white--- bailey was one of them -- "shiner... long ago was another perfectly wonderful  white dog..  but it is very hard to listen to all the  people online  who decide i am  a  reckless backyard breeder..
so for those of you keeping score...  not relateed to scarrlott and walter..... we have  opal... lainie..gabby...sealy for females  and bennie.. cole.. ?jasper? neutered?  bumpie in california?and  unknown   watson.. who is very young... but he knows what goes where.
breeding animals is a crap shoot
now it is abotu this new cell phone--turns out ... it may be the simplist voice recorder i  can find...  i just need something to jot ideas until i can develope them-- so far, i can get them on the phone... but can't figure out how to get them off teh  phone onto anything else...  like lindas computer....?email?..
all you experts ... it is a KYOCERA--- i went online to look for a manual.... it is the one that sells for $120... or renting for $5 a month...  does anyone know how to get the sound off and onto amac?   i did find out if i plug in a cord with pointy ends it cuts the sounc off my computer entirely if it just hangs there...
so far  that blue apron food delivery service gets 4 out of 5 stars with all who ate it last saturday.. turns out pam will be coming in on sat noon ( instead of sunday noon) thru tuesday-- last time,      to get 6 meals i had to order 3 kinds... this time i went to "family meal size for 4"  and ordered 2 of them   maybe less confusion in the kitchen during mail call-- I was amazed  ice pack in the bottom of a foil bag with meats  vac packed.. then one sweet potatoe 3 carrots   plastic bag of seasionings. small bag of rice... everything....including minute by minute directiosn.... way to go  i haad no compaints

now to fine eh leftovers for breakfast// like meaballs???  i hae been up for 4 hours... doen't that make this --  lunch??