Sunday, January 7, 2018

jan 7 2018
biggest news is that  one of the cp's did contact that phone number in north carolina-- apparently it is a person challanged-- who often lives  alone at we have to figure something else out.. i will work on it from that angle...
quick note from  'nothergwen ( a friend from edinburgh)    I’ve just looked at the Doggie Daily and was surprised to see that the text doesn’t look like your usual, somewhat haphazard, script.  Is someone else typing it?
heavens no !!- good  bad  or indifferent, it is al me... i have been using spell check lately....
a long time ago i asked janine to write a dd-- she said it would look like mine.... i know she spells like i do... not had one yet.
todays shatting will take plsace in the house by way of comprimise, i wll doulble teh winners by folding the table in hlf and putting double numbrs in each square...  this will be done in front of the fireplace.. on camera-- so thta if we have a bunch of viiors they can all watch it in ht guest house( built on concrete slab) so we don't go thru the floor if the new lally columns in this house  fail...
\and for all the strangers showering in the upstairs bath, please pay attention to the shower curtins so that wated does not dri[ into my bedroom.

short doggie again... i am making paperwork progress...
.what idiot said this will be aa paperless society?- not somebody with a short term memory who needs to make scratchmarks all over everythign as memory joggers.... biggest worry of my short term memory is i just don't trust my memory as i used to..
altho doing this grant work  goldie has been helping me a lot with some spectacular random memory things... still doesn help the vast gaps... but i tke wht i get..
in case you havent noticed.... either my little finger or teh  a -- z   keys are defective-- you are stuck with the  randon teh sequence...
which one of you .. out there acn amke accounting exciting????
have at it... !!
there is a carolyn505xxxx@xxxxx on my email list that gets rejected every day... i have tried to remove it can anyone tell me who this is?
gabby and sealy update....
Just a little update..The girls are adjusting quite well..we have established a good routine. Gabby has taken to me and sealy and my husband are best buds. Sealys sore on her shoulder is completely healed. They are doing great! 
 Any idea what kind of training they had? They are super smart! Gabby doesn’t go down our stairs until I am with her..she waits for me! They are super sweet and amazing snugglers.