Sunday, February 11, 2018

feb 11 2018
i am only going to write this once--- it is tricky...

fact/  in europe all the dogs in a litter have name starting with the same letter --litter letters...  
there is a male pup-- mantle-  Matthew   which looks good... in poland ( found with help of smiley from ?uk?)
the mother looks like sizzle-- and teh father  harl.... parodie- seems to have fathered many of the current pups for sale in europe.. he has been tested and checked for everything..--  parodie's mother is pearl-- i.e  the pup's grandmother is pearl

there is also a female pup in austria---a mantle...from the  "S" litter    both parents blocky harls-- with budapest ( bobby) in their background...-- this pup's  grandfather is pepsi

turns out pepsi and pearl are from th e  "P"  litter in austria

have at closely related are teh 2 pups? it enough to worry about???
what has held me up from doing the DD is-- i think we finally decicded teh 2 pups would be second cousins?
 researching this has taken me 2-3 days--- and alot of it started witheth  irish winter jacket for bentley. i can not remember the excact numbers... but when we got to meassuring dogs... watson center chest to center rear was..maybe 45"  bentley 41.5-- considerably shorter-- i like shorter
for this balance/stability  ---we don't know what watson's first pups will look like--they are due this weeek.... 
looking way down th e pike... if bentley continues to be non functioning--- then  we need to breed in some more short bodied dogs- which is how i got going  on dogs from europe... again...
so the affects of teh eelectrical accident 2 years ago is continuing to  consume a great deal of my time  and energy... yo just don't "buy another dog."
fyi  details
the male pup from poland owuld be $2600 shipped to boston -- all papers--  new crate--
 the shipping  part is is $1200

we could ship... it is not that big a deal---  buut...... stay tuned....