Wednesday, February 14, 2018

feb 14 2018
dr apt 730

we have had alot of suggestions about  what to make the interns do this summer...  and  2 peopel suggested the girls  have to cook a meal for 6 people-- WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE........  tanner is one of the summer interns-- and there is nothing wrong with having him cook a meal either......   this woman's lib  goes just so far... so tanner get ready... you are not going to be allowed to fake ineptitude -- and you will eat whatever you cook... just like the rest...just like the female people  will hit the nails with the hammer until they can drive them in ..and maybe lift rocks into  trash cans with teh back hoe.... on camera  
i can remember....... time was  that a man in a supermarket was  like a fish out of water...-- they would wander around with a piece of paper someone had given them- and constantly have to ask where things were..-- i can not get used to the fact that a man in the frozen food department is a normal thing. 
so it could be an interesting summer  with entertainment proviced by cameras..  we can swing that house camera to the kitchen... and the puppy hill to the parking  lot...  this could be fun...    tire changing is another favorite topic....  oh we will have fun...  stay tuned...

i have a dr apt and must run---