Sunday, February 4, 2018

feb 4 2018

that Blue Apron box of food is really not bad at all...  it is all planned out for 4 people so if you need one carrot, you get one carrot which shreadded and marinated while everything eolse cooks ( 1/2 hour?)   everybody gets some shreaded carrot-- and tehre  aren't 6 more in the fridge going soft waiting for someone to take to mo...  i am inmpressed--
good ole goldie--  sue--- who volunteers here on sat... has words in her family background like "chef"-- and it shows... i ordered 2 "familymeals" for 4 each... and we had leftovers for breakfast...
which made me wonder-- just how many slivers of carrot does one need to eat to get whatever the required nurishment is for the day... for instance... those ramen noodle cups on which college kids live.... have dried "VEGGIES !"  4 peas 3 kernnels of corn and  2  one inch ribbons of carrot.-- all of which float so you can think healthy--

other odd food stories ---- i do like food..
thinking  "soup" -- and girl scout camp....kewie was teh cook...   great cook...  we had alot of "soups" for lunch as she stretched the camp's  food budget...-- my mother was "involved" ?board? and i did hear a comment when kewie said -- out of 100 kids, there are 2 who are anywhere near skinney... so give them 2 cookies at lunch !  
.ww 2 .
back when......margerine-- was not allowed to be sold yellow-  to protect the butter makeing cows....but congress in it's wisdom allowed it to have a little packet of yellow dye which you then squished around to make a yellow butter looking substnace for your toast. this is world war two.

since my father was in the  heavy machinery business that produced food... he was not drafted... but we had a "victory garden"   where we raised most of our veggies... which were prepared ?parboiled? and put in little white bags which we drove across town to the  town's commercial freezer where we put on  extremely used  coats  and went  in  turned right-- down 2 aisles and left to box  #472  was i think the numgber-- where she would put in 10 bags of corn and remove one peas, one lima beans...-- i don't remember any meat being involved---  we also had a "preserve closet" filled in teh fall with  relish and jams  in ball jars with rubber rings....--- there was also some "root celler/closet..." where potatoes -- carrots and thines got saved... ? was sand inviolved????

now as a society-- if the supermarket doesn't have perfectly fresh foods just for the taking... we would all starve to death... which puts us totally dependent on alot of interm projects... like... truck drivers and people who repair  bridges..  there are a limited number of bridges over the hudson  or mississippi--

thinking back...  our ancesters must have had alot more moxie than we do...  who was the first guy  in boston who decided  he had to go to new york- aside from t he question of how did he know there was a new york  in the first place...  but say.. there  he is... on a horse... pointed south
just getting thru teh underbrush--i have been on a horse trying to batter my way thru the forest to set up a trail that was maybe 2 miles long..  it ain't easy... or fun..--- but thisyankee guy..was to set up what would become  the  "Old Post Road"   because  there are alot of old post roads..... probably because he spent alot of time lost.. around boston ... it has become rt 20--- but then splits  into three known branches  that join in new rochelle ny... almost in nyc.... i even know of someone who lives on "the old post road " near newburgh ny/.... that guy must have really been lost as it is 50 miles inland and runs paralell to the hudson.... on th ewrong side from nyc....

 i even look at that Connecticut river slicing thru new  england and wonder all this running around from boston to philledelphia to get our constitution  written...  tehe's 2 huge rivers in the way-- maybe they could have had more energy for writing  if they used  boston and provdence as teh 2 most available towns.....

so they had to  ferry acros.... how excactly did that work...? paul revere's second cousin angello  started off.. came tothe conn river... cut down 6 of the trees- built a raft- swam the horse and floated  himself across-- that worked really well til  there were no more trees on the north side so some guy on the south side lashed them all together and floated  back and was in teh ferry business... until someone reported him as having no permit to operate a ferry.

talk about moxie.... i would have hated to be the woman in the wagon  behind two oxen (castrated bulls)  which has just run into the missisippi river.. and have my husband decide we had to get across  it...     somebody had to decide that...
i have seen that river-- i would have to question the sanity of  any guy who decided the wildernes on the far side of the mississippi was better thatn the wilderness we were sitting in.  maybe that was teh first siri message      "make a legal u turn"

i have alot of questions about the people who did these things...  .  why  did anyone  get to california in the first place --  who was teh one who  first found the gold and  started this mess. 
 test case??  stand on the sidewalk in denver  and look at those rocky mountains and try and figure out  how do i get over them....
. and why would i want  to be the first.?
lacking any cut and paste---- i will continue about my ancesters..- some people seem to think it matters who they were.. i only know 2 stories  one  guy was hung s a horse theif... and another was taken out of the 2nd story window in the johnstown flood- somebody wrote a very good book about that historic event... i forget who....