Thursday, February 8, 2018

feb 8 2018
on the mend....whatever that pill was it worked..  slight problem.. it comes in a package of 10... with a sticker "take them all"   i know that is true with antibiotics-- if you just take one or two days and feel better, you have killed off all the weak bugs  which wil give the stronger bugs a chance to thrive... so... just maybe i will follow directions... one pill and within an hour or two i felt alot better.
arguing with the IRS.. because  we were late in sending in the 990  the irs sent us a penalty for $1000.. no no no... one of the reasons  was..... there was some  dispute about how to declare the donation of the use of  this prorperty-- since i still had use of one room and a bath.. so.. against all recomedations, i called teh irs "TAXPAYERS HELP " office in portsmouth--  to ask for thier help in how to do it   .. i could not get an appointment for months... and i called back several times not believing teh "taxpayers help" was out of service...  so i wrote a letter... and sent it  "return recipt" -the biggest arguement was.. if you declare the use of the property, you are sure to be audited.. ok...  so why is that a problem?  i had the placee assessed officially and it was decided this would rent for $5000 a month...  i am not sure who in their right mind would  do that.... however....
since that is  such a really big number.    it means i don't have to struggle with all the little slips of paper reciepts for $12.98.   the next accountant did not have any problem with  it.  i can't wait for  an IRS inspector to come tell me what part of this place is not dog related???

"they" had been here before-- back when they questioned why  a doctor's return would be deducting pitchforks-- when the guy left, he said "i can tell you we will never do this again" 

and then.. today   i will continue to chase my SSA payments--apparently there as a typo of an "A"  where it should have been a "D" which decided i was no longer a widow...

if that was true  you would think i would have noticed