Friday, February 9, 2018

feb 9 2018
i would think (i could get those  first few words in black... but no..)back to i  would think... being in the animal breeding business  involving colors of dogs coats, there must be some people study about hair color....
i remember... when i was a kid... with long red hair-  there was a constant "where did that come from"--- so much so that every so often my father ( who's hair was black) would grow  his beard-- which was red...  that wasn't really necessary since i inherited the "price family  nose"  which goes back generations-- however ... the red beard project was interesting.
now.... since  with the flu , i had nothing to do except watch tv, i began to wonder where all these blond women came from -- when there are no blond men in the newsrooms anyway.. granted a few came out of a  bottle ( of hair dye-- or heaven knows maybe stored sperm i dunno) but the re is a disproportunate number of women with brown to blonde hair- as opposed to the men with dark nearly black hair.  just a point to ponder....
however.... i mentioned it at mailcall last night... when steve was my sidekick... and sure enoguh
he siad " yes,  but i watched the weather and both women had black hair."  now this brings up a serious scientific discussion-- the size of the sample studied...  there is a FACT...... behind every "study,  there is  someone who said "you tell me what you wnat me to prove and i will drum up the statistics to prove it." ..
 i had the flu--i took a pill -i feel much better.. i also had  a shot of brandy..  chances are it was the pill-- but there is a population that says it was the brandy-- i submit for you r reference... probably the pill crowd had a bigger sample group to study.
 ..and then there is the ...  "yes but" crowd..
i dunno how or why.. but there si a whole population just waiting to tell you why something  is not true... or is not going to work... for example  
**lets store the cardboard on the front deck " yes but it will take up too much room".--
**lets keep the fireplace wood  holder full.."yes but the wood may have ants  in it"
 granted some ideas do need "modification"  so ... instead of the yesbutts rejecting any idea.. can we modify behavior to say "lets flattan the boxes"  or  "deal with the ants if we see them."
***the 2019 calendar is in the works-- meaning we need to brainstorm ideas for.. just 13 pictures-- doesn't sound like much-   many of the ideas being floated are "an extremely huge challange" like taking a dane up one of these trees..... but the idea is valuable in that it might cause someont to think of another possibility... in a creative environment -stifling any idea is counter productive.   too many yessbutts and we'd never get anything done...
*** by saying dog up a tree i am tempting the facebook crowd to  rip and tear me up for suggesting it...  but there is such a thing as training... and the proper equipment for the job-- they jump out of helecopters all the time with dogs-- so it is possible...  then there is bailey int eh tree all by herself... properly trained-- no problem.
now a favor to ask..there is a page ""   which collects comments about charities..-- we are rated highest... however..  at the top of what is showing are 3 comments-- 2 from people we could not provide a dog for and they are mad... the third is from someone who did not like us to breed for the buckeyes--(the pups were exactly what the chart said-- merles and harls... no white)-- everybody else said we are wopnderful
so if some of yo could go to and write how we do things and the  benefit.. etc  it woold be helpful to   swamp those bad comments..  it might help our grant writing  eve tho we are in the highest rank

Shauna & Kringle will be speaking at Westminster College (New Wilmington Pa) Sunday February 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm. You may watch the live feed by going to the Westminster College main page (web page)--scroll to the bottom of the page--in the blue bar click on News/Watch live. After the event the speech will be in archives to view on demand