Tuesday, March 27, 2018

march 27 2018
i stared the day with  reviewing the "coming events"  ..  AARP  sent me a catalog of all thei things available to me as i age... an amazing collection..... i am certainly glad people are thinking about some of the problmes-- my long handled shoe hornb is already a favorite...  but i can see where people  are thinking.....  two of the most   intriguing was an inflatable kiddie pool kind of thing to slide under a bed ridden patient  then inflated and filled with water so they could soak in a warm bath.....it had a collection of input and output  20 foot hoses with references to "showers"-  boy does that have potential-- i hope if i get t=o that , they have me on a rolling bed so they can roll me into the yard and hose me down.   the  other most intriguiging was a motion detected light for inside teh toilet. -- now i hear that fugen sent us one for th e upstairs bathroom-- in a time when the lights were out she figured.... a helpful detail--- pam removed it because she said it was frreaking people out.  i just told her to put it back because freaking people out is a speciality of crazy acres .

 this tiolet light is battery run--  which reminded me of the army/navy problem i had reciently-- relative "doug"  who was here for the directore meeting last weekend,   works for the navy  teaching teh very talented kind of navy person  how to get on a ship  when  no one wants you to.-  he haD SOME WEB HE CALLED UP TOshow the kind of work -like... a rowboat kind of thing sittin g on the deck of a  big boat/shop  gets picked up by a hellicopeter and plunked in the ocean so  they can run into the shop to be boarded... or someting like that........and there were pictures of guys all laden down with 65 pounds of  rifles and  stuff- and included in the 65 pounds  ...each had one of those microphones on a wire  in front odf one cheek...
i have one of those on that pa system i hardlyever use because invariably the bgattery is dead,,, so i wondered... the navy in all it's wisdom must have one person in charge of replacing batteries or recharging tehm- talk about critical jobs.....  the helicopeters might be useless if thosse bgatteries went dead...  how do they keep track???

i will tell you--  they have women sitting in gary indiana  monitoring details-  details you might think were not critical... however'' one of these detail women called me yesterday to ask if we were a cafeteria>>>>   what????? turns out... the VA will pay for a vet to come get a service dog which we donate free of charge.... but they will not pay for  the 2 pizzas he bought for us- they were questioning  teh fact that 2 pizzas must have been eaten by more than just  the veteran...  now if he had bought us a $35,000 dining room table, she might have missed that...
and i  keep hear ing----- " Technology has advanced  so far"-- right  -it has enabled us to accept insanity.
Rooster story here as well...bought the place in Yuma, AZ and told the guy to leave the chickens but not the goats, turkey and roosters. Roosters were still here so daughter (who'd never handled fowl before) and I caught up a half dozen and threw them into the back of the small pickup that had a canopy on the bed.

That night we headed 2 1/2 miles down the street to a lemon grove, drove down a dirt side road and while I climbed in the back she kept a look out for oncoming cars with headlights. Of course the roosters went as far forward in the rear as they could so I was forced the crawl through a fair amount of poop while scrunching under the canopy. One by one I caught them in the dark and every so often she well call, "Freeze!" as a car would beam its lights on us while we tried to hide. It seemed so clandestine!

Years later I made a friend on the other side of the lemon grove. I asked him how it was that he had so many wild chickens running loose all the time. He said he didn't know; they just kept showing up.