Wednesday, April 11, 2018

april 11 2018
quick dd--  sorry --- late  i forgot...
pl had a baby girl -- and only one.. bryan cghecked--- that belly is all belly....
she started abotu 6am  i don't know if the foal has had it'f first drink yet, but it is working on it.
Dear Carlene, 
Pixie is doing good, I think for the first time since Sunday I smiled. I mean besides the fact of the support that i have received. 

The doctor reported that she is eating and drinking and getting more energy. She also has minimal blood drips coming from her nose. She thinks it’s just left over from the bleed. 

This is the best news we have received yet. 

Our Pixie sure is a fighter. 

Thank you thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do. 

WE MUST LEARN Abotu tiny black and blue marks inside a dogs legs... apparently that can happen before a nose bleeds. we need some research

Dear Carlene, 

Pixie update 
At this time Pixie is doing well. We will not know until Thursday at the earliest if her platelets have gone up. They are taking her off IV as she is eating and drinking. The SDP Dr George miraculously is vacationing in Naples FL and involved in her care. The blood test have not come in for the cause. Dr Booth called and Dr George would like Pixie on a medication the hospital does not have they finding a pharmacy and we will be picking it up for delivery. There are no words for the outpouring of love and support! Please continue your prayers while she has improved she still is not out of the woods.🙏🙏

I’m on my way to pick up special meds for Pixie to get to her that the vet doesn’t carry. 
Hopefully I can maybe see her if the vet approves a visit. 

I’m also going to leave her one my shorts as you suggested. 

Pixie and Stacy