Wednesday, April 25, 2018

april 25 2018
i wish ...i really knew how to include a picture  here's a try..
this is xubby from czech -- we have a deposit on him
 and he will be shipped  pet air  from  frankfurt at 10 or 12 weeks
he is from the claudia bohemia kennel -- has a facebook??  the merle????
 - which has dogs that look like chaos...
and before any of  the internet experts get critical of breediong a merle dog,, go to the color charts
that i have posted and will send to anyone requesting them-- with  over 300 dogs,
 i find this  chart extrememly accurate with the colors prooduced 
and teh % of those colors is also  pretty accurate too/-- most receintly breeding a white to a black
said we would get merles and harls-- and we did ---  7 merles  aND ONE HARL...
wildflowers-- hopefully  flowers that are wild and don't need all th etender loving carte of  rosebushes and other expensive plantings..
i did go round yesterday with a bucket of topsiol aqnd ploped some wherever ther was a sunny spot--  with hopes of scattering some  wildflowers for a cheerly interlude...
 i have forgotten what they call teh  back axle of a car that has a seat on it and shaves-- it is used to train draft horses--  and can be used as a towing vehicle...  it might be fun to  be able to drag the paths while seated behind mo.. or heaven forbid... pockets....
our stone dust paTHS ARE  A WONDERFUL ADDITION...  AROUND THE POND AND ATTACHED TO "A" FIELD...  THE 2 FOUNTAinsw are now working - thanks to bud and skipp and aq few others...
they do make a soothing noise   --
in an effort to get green something growing... i think i will have to fencde off  part of teh pond area so we can still  iuse that for exercise so teh small gate  will be "locked" for teh time being  but we can still use teh pond for running...  laura pointed out if she puts teh dog s in "A"  teh quickly stand at teh gate-- but if they are in the pond area, they run aroundl.
 exercise is a good thing-- and the only thiong that makes it possible to train these beasts  -- i think that  eliminating or reducing  recess in grade schools just  to increase the scholastic time, is counter productive... they wiould learn so much better if teh y ran 1/4 mile and then go back to arithmetic...  i also wonder that the  ratio of negativity is  between fresh air walkers or runners to people who use tread mills.. (either mentally or physically)  - i bet teh outside bunch are rejuvenated and teh inside bunch just tired.  fresh air is good   even if it is full of water.
no exciting cut and pastes
 we are changing alot of teh times for staff around here... teh 3 biggest changes---- pam will start sat morning becasue she will then be going against the "cape traffic"-- cape cod has only one narrow footpath with a swinging bridge to get  on and off  "the cape"-- shannon  will be "doing" all the kennels starting  at noon... there were just too many people in the barn early morn.. and grace will  be off duty at 3,  after which she can do rosebushes or mannequins....
any of these people are very welcome to be ehre more  hours to hang around  volunteering-- being helpful  and sociable--- but those hours  are put aside specifically for working. 
and on cometh  the younger genreation... today will be hay string preparation... mostloy because we need more  properly pprepared hay string available "around"  like teh poo pickers...

in addition-- the choice and placement of a 2"  rock  instead of a grommet to hold teh tarp on the trailer.-- grommets break... i don't think i have ever seen a rock deal give out.