Wednesday, April 4, 2018

april 4 2018
SUE- FROM PENNA GETS THE GOLD STAR  ON HER FOREHEAD TODAY-  SHe  EMAiled me that the light in the feed room was flickering-- and ... it is...  i think that is the light connected to the gizmo that is to turn on the light if the temp drops-- so  sitting here in my nice warm house.... i  checked in kennel 10 and teh pups are curled up sleeping  but the thermometer behind them says the temp has dropped  to about 50.-- so there is a heat problem there-- to be solved after breakfast...  if it was 50 degrees outside we would think it was warm.. so we can wait....

boy you guys don't miss a thing....
including 2 vomiting pups overnight... we have someting "going round " theree too...  no temps  just barfings.
maybe you all do this already....  but... there  is nothing that says you have to tell the truth on these various scam type things- there is some company  "out there" that thinks i am charlotte green  27 years old- income  of 30,000 who loves  looking at shoes.. i did that one day when i was on "hold"  and 2 years later tehy still have me pegged as a shoe nut,.
it is insidious-- the supermarket really wants me to carry thiere  customer card and when i don't they ask for my zip code-so  as i use a charge card to pay the bill, i am sure somewhere in  west texas there is someone making note of the fact i bought anchovy paste on 3/30/2018. when is it too much?  i suppose it is when the shopping cart tells you you already have some in the back of the fridge.-- or even worse telling you  you don't need all that salt.
first it was the toilet paper rolls being 1/2  inch n more narrow... now it is the kleenex-- they are now 8 x 8 -- i am sure they used to be at least 9 x 9 ( 81 - 64=17 sq inches ) a 25%  profit - the boxes are still a bit over 4.5 inches to accomodate the 9" square.
i miss teh mythbusters who did a well done  study on the velocity of a sneeze...  somebody at kleenex must have noticed .

we really need to have a female come in heat pretty soon... we don't get to decide... but  my plans are for littersw of 6 pups every 2 to  3 months-- if we bred a female soon... they would be cute for dogfest... see how the planning goes???