Saturday, April 7, 2018

april 7 2018
right ! so i made a joke about teh shopping cart telling me not to buy anchovy paste because i  already eat too much salt...   a joke? right?
well... i started bill cummings book "starting small and making it big"-- got about 1/2 way  and wanted to mention it here. in DD   ..  of  course, i forgot the title... so i went to amazon  --- typing bill cummings got me the book title-- i figured while i was there i would give it a 5 star comment.. i hit the 5 star and immediately up comes 
Sorry, we are unable to accept your review of this book. you are not within the community guidelines because of an association with the  author- 
really???? the book seller knew  my only association with bill cummings was  when SDP was  a recipient of the $100,000 grant of his in  2016  2017  - and i am related to  sdp..   that's a   tip of the iceberg...
it is a very good book... extremely normal-- as both bill and his wife are..  definitely a  " define a problem and solve it" kind of guy  from raising a sunken boat  to selling  fruit juice to mit and harvard-   i am only 1/2 way so i have not got to the part where he  becomes exceedingly wealthy- but he lays down the footprint of  take a job and just work harder than everyone else .  normal things like selling christmas trees on the corner in college..
dog's eyes....  the doggie eye doctors have some special deal about service dogs free eye exam  so we have to set up the one pup who has ... maybe  an ingrown eyelash problem?  got to be done a buldger animal hosp in andover  which is the one we use in emergencies when george is unavailable..  they are 24/7/365
i met with an interesting woman who wants to get involved with service dog training...  she will be volunteer  startng monday morning  4 days a week-- 
 back when....-- i considered training SD i read  about all the ADI training facilities- many had "programs to teach training"--- $5000 for a couple months...  i really looked into one in conn..   they had a "text" of sorts  -- the first lesson   " a dog smells with their nose"  i quit that idea and saved $5000 by just going down and showing them my personal dogs- who they decided would be perfect  just as they were for guys coming back from the war... so i  just did that--- and they are...
point being that even volunteering here will teach alot of things some others charge  to learn.
here's a goo d one... i think we all know instinctively
 Children who grew up on small farms were between one-half and one-third less likely to have hay fever and asthma, compared with non-farming children living in the same rural areas. European scientists identified livestock, particularly dairy cows, fermented feed and raw milk consumption as protective in what they eventually called the “farm effect.” Many scientists argued that the abundant microbes of the cowshed stimulated children’s immune systems in a way that prevented allergic disease.
Then, a few years ago, researchers found an American example of the phenomenon: the Amish. Children from an Amish community in Indiana had an even lower prevalence of allergies than European farmers, making them among the least allergic subgroup ever measured in the developed world.

Hi hope all is well. Pixie is getting ready for another wonderful trip to Florida and she will tell you all about her wonderful adventures, when she returns. We have been doing really well. We have super busy planning a wedding and Pixie is going to be the flower girl. What better way to to start a new way. We booked our honeymoon and Pixie is coming with us to of course. We made sure all of accommodations where met for her travels in September. She’s been such a great big help in all this wonderful fun exciting planning to. Every one enjoys meeting Pixie and always compliments me on how well trained she is. I always give all the credit to all you wonderful people who helped and her amazing training.