Monday, April 9, 2018

april 9 2018
erlichia-- bad problem-- a tick born-- sounds like pixie has it... i am no vet... but she got a nosebleed in florida and they are saying she has little to no  blood clotting-- and are talking chemo and transfusions--  i have emailed and said we coudl have megan and bentley on a plane by noon  if it would help-- he is teh frather-- scarlott is teh mother..- we hae  mischa full sister too...tehre are loads of siblings- but none in florida - i bet we coudl get a dog there by tonight.

only good part i heard was they got the nosebleed stopped- but it is a dreadful diagnosis--poor stacey...
before frontline and advantix-- we lost a SD  and a puppy  in 2005  to erlichia---
i know you can give one "unmatched"  blood transfusion   but to continue it has to be bloodtyped..for lac of anythihng else to do, megan will take both bentley and scarlott/mischa  to danvers and get blood typed in case they call.-- certainly bentley is fully qualified to fly today-especially with megan-- not me.
quick snippits of notes
better news on bella-- she is slightly better with the pain in the ear... not out of the woods either...
several people  wrote Better get Bella some pot; if you need Massachusetts connections, I can help.
gotta love it...
in an effort to educate camera people on the topic of hay bags- today we will remove the one in the prego's stall and throw the hay on the floor normally  like the rest of teh equine world has it served  ,  the hay bags tend to save money because then they don't walk all over it-- but they will eat it all anyway...  the ultimate hay service would be to shake out the  chunks with a 3 tined  hayfork in the alleyway, then sprinkle it with a watering can to eliminate any dust then fork it onto the floor in their stall... what this also does is to shake out alot of the "seeds" which therefore rremoves much of the nutrition- this is done for any horse with questionable breathing ( heaves-- dust related) we do not have any heavey donkeys- we also have awfully good--  not dusty hay... i think it woulod vbe educational for cp's to watch  the pregos eat normally for a bit-- and any extra hay can be called "bedding"  since we don't at the moment have any straw( nice bot not necessary).  we need to concentrate on blood typing bentley .
tanners trench-- apparentluy he has it done 30 feet---  in front of the donkey fence-----this is to eliminate the production of deep mud from teh run off from  the arena-- if teh rain runs off and keepos running it is no problem... it is when it startts  to stand around in puddles donkeys walk in it and the mudd it gets deep-- and the dogs drink out of the "chocolate water puddles" --because moving the manure  withthe tractor makes deep pockets of mud right behind the prego's stall, we had to put the pregos back in the stall  till it dries out a little-- we do not need to have pl try and have a baby while rolling in mud. ( ask grace--- was it pockets that was a slippery muddy mess to be carried back in the stall?) teh staLL IS "LIGHT AND AIR'Y" WITH THE OTHER DONKEYS COMING AND GOING RIGHT NEST TO them and  people up and down the alleyway- hopefully this will explain why i had to put them in the stall most of the day... i am not sure what i will do today-- i have not seen teh  condition of their "run" - besides they are  sooooo huge,  they are far from running anywhere !
how worldy are we??  ...
someone sent a collecdtion of sayings  from a  pillboard at a gas station in south affrica- there were some pretty good cobncepts
if teh best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago, teh second best time is now..
 and then teh cummings book...
i now know what his secret  of success is....   phones are  always answered by a person-

what an unusual/ unique idea that is.