Monday, June 25, 2018

june 25 2018
shuttle arrival,,,    new training room floor....    and 12 people coming for community service at 11:00-

shuttle--- it works well  for any arrival to get on the shuttle bus for peabody--- and call us once on the bus....  i then can get  a cuppa coffee, load teh dogs and be there 3 minutes before the bus arrives-- cp's coming here do not  to rent a car--  this works well...
training room floor---  carpet is a terrible thing-- i don't know who invented it... you can not keep iot clean-- you can keep it what looks like clean but down amid all those perky fluffy fibers there lurks  an amazing collection.  it is  the  amazon forest of microbiology.  
TT( tom and tanner) did gt it out-- laid it flat oand gave it teh dawn  scrubb treatment, picked it up on th efork lift and rinsed it well  so it can be used for dogs sleeping lofts -- and i think it got fully dry-- rolled and stored  in the giraffe tent before last night's deluge.

then 12 people--- here to work  11-2 --- it is amazing what 12 peopl;e can accomplish in a couple hours-- our problem for them to solve is... for some reason we are innundated with what will become  "burrdocks"   huge tough leaves-  however one slice underground with a seareated steak knife, on that tap root and teh whole plant lifts out---  puppy hill will become unuseable if we don't get them out of there....-- teh rest of teh place is not much better  deagle hill--   i did teh "v" pen on  my hands and knees.  but i need help withthe rest-- i don't think it kills teh plant... but it sure slows up the burr production til maybe next year???

one or two of the  more robust variety  of people might pound in some  posts for a dog run around  teh trees on donkey hill...

i am told therer are donkeys and mules in to pond area--- mysteriously appeared in the m iddle of the n ight....
eve and finn
I am soooooo over this fracture cycle! 
At the end of March Eve broke her right femur due to a fall. Just as she started feeling comfortable weight bearing again in May she broke her left femur this time no trauma just reaching. Again just as she began to weight bear she injured her ankle in the beginning of June  (no apparent fracture but we haven’t had the specialist look at it) I was hoping she’d begin to weight bear on it this coming week. Yesterday Eve went to bump a beach ball, volleyball style when she heard a crack - she broke her collarbone! Currently she is not weight bearing AND cannot push her wheelchair AND it’s her right (dominant) arm!
Yes I’m throwing a temper tantrum! 
I think she’s handling it better than me but she’s not a happy camper either! I see lots of board games and books for the next few weeks. 

Ok now that that’s out of the way.... the fun stories of our weekend.  Eve passed level 3 of swim lessons on Saturday! Then we went to the library while fearless SD Finn protected us from the ferocious creatures at the public library! Thank goodness because as we were engrossed in looking through the new arrivals Finn had our back with a low growl to make both us and these creatures knew that he was here to keep us safe! That stuffed ape really had him fooled and feeling like he posed as a REAL threat to our well being!! After that we went to a graduation party then a movie! Finn was so exhausted that during the movie he slept so soundly with his Mutt muffs on that he didn’t even stir when we took the mutt muffs off. Dad had to give him a little rub to wake him up!!

Thanks for checking in!
Edited to add - Finn also got to brighten the day of several others waiting in the ER waiting room today we gave them our cards and told them all about SDP too!!

way to go !