Wednesday, June 27, 2018

june 27 2018

mayhem almost has teh basket deal  for  5 pm mail call....... i must    must   take tiem today a dn go over the details with her....  =like... you get that basket in my hands and i wilol hand you a "tender strip treat...  it is a contract --- expectations  must be met..

expectations... poor sizzle is confined to hte laundry building because she isi n serious heat     usually every morning  she appears a t my right elbow and rolls her eyes in the direction of the treats-- so i quietly give her two.  she has no idea why she is not in the house... so i must cut this short and delifver the treats to her down there....

also in the laundry building  -- watson and gabby   19 minute tie.. --  that gives us 2 probable litters  by mid september    cute for dog fest. 

short doggie... here is a list of explore connections... all commercial free nature kind of thing...  very interesting... 
 i think  the motto is "never stop learning..."
so have at it.-- but do come back to sdp and buy chicken bricks-- it is a short month...

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