Thursday, July 12, 2018

july 12 2018
i need to be smilimg and cheerful  by 8am  and  wide awake and organized by 10... or wqs it 10:30??    both may be a struggle - at least until the coffee hits bottom.  i would bett a small piece of white chocolate that the 8:00  will be on time or a little early-- they are a british film crew here to see where george came from and meet his parents-- actually they will film me to be polite, but it is bentley and scarlotte that will get   major booking... british are... from my experience generally punctual - i seem to remember a discussion with  "nother gwen" a digmate in edinburgh  of  late is  insulting the person  you are meeting-- it came from seeing some a friend in a coffee shop who was "waiting for a friend and didn't want to keep her waiting" -- with "nother gwen"  the smallest of incidents might spark days of discussion... and often did.  she was the one i went round germany with, armed with a zip code list of dane kennels.  there was somethgn abotu  trying to figure out trains by consulting the abphart  ( ?sp?   is how it sounded..) . it was the departing train schedule...
neither of us spoke german- we spent days wondering what the german  to english reason was for  abphart meaning something was leaving somewhere...  
the 10- 10_:30 is... the nice new ipswich town manager... he thought  it would be good to come meet us and see what we were about...  translated... the developement is complaining about noise  again....  the last town manager had no concern for the "only a woman"  remark... times have changed.....  i will smile... but my teeth have been sharpened.-  i have pulled the  notes from the last  "town meeting" where 
   1--- i am a farm
   2--- farms are allowed to be  smelly, noisy,sexy and slow moving ( how does that go  with  the first rule?)
   3--- there is no limit to the number of dogs a kennel might have as long as they belong to  one person.
that last one came about because ipswich is 1/2 way between 2 dpg tracks  wonderland and seabrook...  just a wierd thing-- but the rule is still on the books... GOLDIE RULES AGAIN.... i hope... 

he did say "lets see if there is anything  the town can do for you"    which i see as 
"to  appease the develpoement."   . but there are things the town could do for us.  so i have a mental list... well maybe i shoujld put it on paper...
and i must get a few  quick one click to organized photos to try and make him cry.    not only bella on teh stairs  but eve and the lemonaide stand..
eve and finn really get  a gold ring for  that idea... she just  sent another $300+ earnings.. and is have ign a great time doing it...

Paul and Charlotte
Good evening Carlene and crew,

I haven't send you an update lately and I thought it be a good thing to do now :)

Charlotte and I are doing fabulously together. Today we took the family to the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus. As always Charlotte was on my arm and kept me upright, always an awesome thing. The place has lots of cool things for the kids to do but I hadn't thought that many of the schools/daycares would send their kids there as a field trip type event. For the most part the kids were pretty good about understanding to not pet or interact with Charlotte. Some adults needed a little encouragement to do the same, but that is the way of things. Got my standard PET scan last week and that was a new experience for Charlotte and I together. She was with me while I had the infusion of the glucose tracer but I had to ask Tori, my wife, to sit in the waiting room with Charlotte as I didn't want her to have radiologic exposure to the PET scan machine itself. The process is about 40 minutes and when I finished I went straight out to a very happy to see me Charlotte. I think that's the most she's been apart from me since we were matched, not cool. I am sure that hospitalizations are not good for the service dogs either and fingers crossed I'll avoid that in the future. 

I'm still awed at the community around Service Dog Project. It is amazing to me that if I have a question or a thought that CPs/staff/recipients come up with a way to make things work. It takes a lot of my worry away from how things will go. Thank you so much Carlene for what you and your staff have done to improve the quality of life in so many. Out of curiosity, have you or the trainers ever had Ohio buckeyes (peanut butter truffle dipped in chocolate)? I may have to put some of those together on a thank you package. Again, thanks much.

Paul and Charlotte