Tuesday, July 31, 2018

july 31 2018
teh excitement around here is happening elsewhere...   tanner is in oregon for a baseball training camp--  accompanied by steve--  when he does come baqck to join the real world here -- we have to be careful of asking him to do anything that might strain his throwing arm..  or break a finger 

apparently  10 crazy people from MA  left this morning for leadville colorado-- for teh international burro pack race--- aug 5th??  i only hear the "outtakes"  from the  preparation-sounds like janine sent a bunch of rescue donkeys to colorado to some friend/ connection of her  "equine rescue network"  months ago to be "trained" so she  and 9 others from here could arrive and participate in the 15 mile race-- where you run / walk/ meander  the 15 miles next to/ahead of/ or behind your donkey -.. it maybe is teh only animal race i approve of because the  people go every step with their burros-- and whips are not allowed...  the videos i have seen look like a fun time is had by all.
i do know the ppeople from here have been practicing running around hamilton and wenham with some of the rescues she has placed in that area-- and now and again she has picked up some of ours to practice with people... i am betting she has in mind running  such an event around here eventually... it may take her years to develope, but  i would bet money on it;  and it would be fun.

teh concept is correct... there is a great lack in  things that are done just for fun... take almost any idea-- owning a pet dog... and someone will decide to make it a competition where one dog is deemed to be better than another...  the other part  of that is ... they then publish a magazine with winners names  and people struggle and spend a fortune to get thier names included...  the mundane ownership of a car  has it's collection of car shows or races-- and magazines with prizes. 
there used to be ... in boston... a great race--  26 miles - started as an arguement between 2 guys in a bar  in marblehead--  which route was faster-- on land or on sea from   watertown to marblehead..  simple 2 man race- turned into  many  thousands of semi sober racers lining up at 4am in watertown with very pequiliar vehicles and  floating devices-- some to float down the charles river and  carry their devices over the  "necks" - while others riding on or pushing devices tied up traffic thru boston and cambridge  for most of the morning.   the winner was always disqualified because they must have cheated.--  i was disqualified once after i had ridden that penny farthing ( high wheeled bike) the whole way- and getting to the finish line 30 seconds  ahead of a boston tv commentator who had sailed a water bed with a crew of 4-- having run thru suffock downs race track with teh bed on their heads...
6 bikes all welded to a  beer keg-- 20  bikes strung together with 2 x 4's  between seats and handlebars...  a bunch of nurses pushing a hospital bed with a iv drip of vodka--  thousmand of very creative people.    ---it was just  plain fun- 

rumor has it , it was killed by teh IRS... finally  because   they sold T shirts bought for $5 and sold for $15 and  no one knew who had bought them ... or who had the profit...

spoil sports !!