Thursday, August 23, 2018

aug 23 2018

PURINA  --  pro plan--- THAT WONDERFUL STUFF WE FEED OUR DOGS-- AND THEY DONATE 9 PALLETS EVERY 2 MONTHS --- WHICH KEEPS OUR DOGS IN PERFECT HEALTH-- AND IS A RELEIF TO OUR  OUR POCKETBOOK  DEPARTMENT.  no way do i want to upset that-- it is working beautifully for a couple years.
there is one very strange gap to fill---- this spoon feeding/ education  of young pups... starting  at 3 weeks we start spoon feeding canned food-- to get their attention and start their training.-- at 3 weeks- well maybe 4...   there is a picture of me spooning 10 pups at 7 weeks old-- all sitting perfectly waiting for their spoonfull-  it just so happens that the one pup i am feeding is george-- who became  Bella's partner and  service dog of the year.   i would love to know if anyone in the  country can have 10 pups sit and wait for food like is the basis for their education---  wait and think... most pups that age will jump around with a gimme gimme gimme concept.  our danes are more spohisticated than that...

on with the mechanics of it....
purina gives us a pallet of wet food - we love those great plastic tubs that end up getting used for staff left overs and liunch ( plus screws /bolts and washers )--  that wet food is a shreaded variety- wonderful mixed with the dry food..... but..... does not fit well on a spoon---it is inclined to slide around and one shread might get spilled  on the floor, which  breaks teh pups concentration  and starts  a "FIND THE SHREAD"  scramble- not conducive to orderly dog training... i find purina's canned puppy food- which is minced- and stays on the spoon, perfect for the training  of puppies.
when we have pups, i buy cases of it at the store. and then......  I GOT AN EMAIL FOR A purina  automatic delivery system--

much as i hate automatic delivery systems, i bit the bullet and signed up for 5 cases a month- to be used for "desert" after their main meal- as a training  exercise.
i know full well that i will forget to turn it off and we will get 5 cases a month even when we don't have pups of that age...
however... getting  an extra 5 cases of dog food for months is the one time we can cope as opposed to the automatic delivery of tooth brushes , #10 business envelopes, or hack saw blades.  

i wish purina( and the whole amazon type world) had another field " automatic delivery for xxx months?" 
particularly since this is puppy food.. or more efficiently   "after 6 months change to adult food"
all except in our case-- where
 #1 probably we will have more pups every few months 
#2  our dogs love to eat any food purina sends us

so we are safe.
i once did cook---- things like dinner-- and preserves- pickles, jam  -- and bread-   granted my kids were told "go eat peas in the garden, then come in for a bbq chicken leg and a hunk of home made bread"    don't knock it.... they grew-
i did tire of cooking- so .. i don't- luckily we have several volunteers who love it...  i am fascinated with clever things-- and this  video has some--- most noteably  separating egg yolks or  putting a bunch of tinhy grape tomatoes between 2 plates and cutting them all in half at once.   before anyone gets excited about  the easy way to peal eggs... i have studied that at great legnth...  the eggs that do not peal well are generally fresh eggs... if the eggs  are more than 2 or 3 weeks old, they peal nicely.   i wrote to the nat'l egg board and they told me that... and i find it is usually true.
this  video had some new ideas... in case you cook.. or just play with food.... .
meeting this am with   matt ( memsiac)-- i have had a few ideas  to talk with him about.  both matt and sdp are doing very well wiith the chicken bricks-- maybe he can deal with end of month-- new board all by himself-- usually takes me about an hour.   
am i allowed to be shocked at  the fact that -----we gave a perfect pet/fabulous failure to someone-- and  when i met the parents of that person those parents had never heard of chicken bricks or donating to service dog project?????  come on guys... we do not sell dogs, but  unless those who can donate- do donate, we can not exist.
most of our PP's are  well bred danes....spayed/neutered-- somewhat trained--  if you are struggling and can not afford  $10  donation,-- believe me i understand that  !!!    i will be the last to object to that...  but somewhere in here  there is a paying it forward episode-- if you can...
 somewhere here megan and steve return... today??? tomorrow?????  i look forward to  what they saw/learned????