Friday, September 21, 2018

sept 21 2018

overnight news from north carolina   ...5000 PIGS AND 25 MILLION CHICKENS have been drown by the flood waters - i am sorry for teh pigs and chickens... but-- that is now 5000 dead  pigs and 25 million dead chickens floating around north carolina--add dairy cows and alot of other  man made things like gas stations... if the towns get their drinking  water from lakes,  ... lakes are not usually up on top of any hill..  they are going to have a huge problem for a loooooong time.. 
Gwen????  do you have a well?? and if so do you have electricity to pump from it??? 
i can remember...... before  they put in the developement next door  there was no town water out  this far...-- we had a good well even if it did smell terrible... it was safe to drink... the animals didn't mind...  then we wopuld lose power and i would be back to a 55 gal drum in the back of my truck--- along with 5 gal pails in the bathroom for flushing purposes-- just like when the house burned down.
ah the simple things of life...
i heard some statistic about filtering water-- something about water that  has been filtered thru 25 feet of soil is  "clean"?  not sure i would take a chance on that one....
-- stuff usually floats or sinks in water... and a horse can drink out of a 1"deep puddle because it avoids  both floaing and sinking "stuff"--- dogs lap up whatever....
i watched someone towing a horse in a power boat....  only the horse head shows when swimming.. they towed it to some nhouse and got it up on the porch with a second horse--- i can not believe  that was a good solution if the 2 then went thru the floor and got all tangled upo in lumber...  but they didn't show any more...
a barking report
i have done considerable research on that topic-- we have a meeting with the town again on teh 24th... here in the office...
i have a bunch of writing to do to get the calendar out by dogfest...
thank heavens we have some cut and paste...

Good Morning:) I used the Explore cams in the classroom every day. When we were learning shapes, especially hexagons, I would put the bee hives cam on and they could see real life hexagons.
I LOVED the Explore cams for real life learning♥ During inside weather days Exploring Explore cams was what the kids wanted to do. :)

another TED TALK   by a guy from  edinburgh ---  the accent is lovely..
How to speak so people want to listen    julian treasure
 Dolly and I are doing great!

We are still working in the office doing the book keeping and secretarial duties at a large beef farm. People stopping into the office always joke about Dolly being a calf. Over the winter we had a calf born during a very cold spell,  so we had to bring her into the office. We had her penned off in one corner of the office. Dolly and I were responsible for bottle feeding her till she was doing well enough to go back out into the winter weather. Dolly was very interested in the calf, it took just a bit longer for the calf to warm up to Dolly. They were actually the same size, it was amazing. I have several photos of the two of them.

Just recently Dolly and I joined our local hospice agency, as volunteers. We are starting a new program called,The  Hand Legacy Program. Our local college Hobart and William Smith is doing a small Make A Wish Program that grants wishes on a small scale to our patients in hospice. We have had the opportunity to photograph a gentleman that's wish was to fish one last time. What a treasure it was to be able to capture that wish on camera for him and his family. Other shoots we do are in homes or in hospital or nursing home settings. Of course everyone loves Dolly and I believe it brings a sweet distraction for them, even if just for a short time.

Because of the work you guys do at SDP I am able to give back. This is possible because I now have Dolly!  Thank you so much for my wonderful gift, she is a true blessing. We hope to make you proud!
Brenda & Dolly