Wednesday, November 7, 2018

nov 7 2018

that was not the question !!!  i am gonna have to start a new campaign-- sort of   "anti new jersey"-- there is a new york story about  asking a question of someone from new jersey-- the jersey-ites will answer it with a question..  go across the geroge washington bridge and ask someone how to get to phildelphia and they will say "what do yo want to go there for?" - around here--- a simple "did you feed yet? just got me "yesterday we couldn't find  xxxxx" 

there are certain pieces of information   i need to know-- sometimes i don't have time to explain why-- i should carry poo pickers for note pads and write down some of the answers i get.. and it is just sloppy mental process.
and is driving me nutttttts

i can't put out a decient mail call today-- i am distractede by    too many on going problems which if i don't do something now... i will forget...
sorry  i wll try again tomotrrow

pixie report

Dear Carlene, 
1 the good yesterday a head lady who runs presentations and goes over rules and and staff education came up to visit Pixie and I yesterday. She asked me is I didn’t mind if she used Pixie in her lessons on how a SD is supposed to act while at the the hospital with their partner. Pixie and I have been here before so she’s know for her attentive to my my needs and how well trained she is. They are beyond amazed on how she is at my side and never has eye off me. I said absolutely so if it can help educate the staff. We have spent time educating people which helps pass some time which makes me smile. We told them our story and of course where she came from and how I couldn’t be so blessed without the service dog project and all the hard work and dedication to help me like you so many other people like me.