Tuesday, November 27, 2018

so many things to be annoyed about 

 one of the old timers from adi was heere yesterday  and has never believed you could train a dog under 18 months .
and started the arguement "you  must be putting out untrained dogs for the owners to train..."  so i wrote the following 

i was shocked to hear you say i put out my dogs untrained for the recipient to train.  actually i was/am  darn annoyed.
Because you have never dealt with a dane as i have suggested,  you then end up with a comical idiot and blame the dog. 

when we let george go home with bella-- at about  9 months-- bella could not walk unassissisted -- and he had passed every part ot the adi public access test... furthermore bella was ? 10 years old... hardly a master trainer at that age.
she spent july and august taking him with her wherever she needed to go-- his behavior was perfect.
then she started school.. the problems we had were with  her principal who thought george was a regular dog and could be stuck in the nurses room while bella had lunch.  george knew he was to be with bella which made him an unreasonable 150 pound flying object. this is where you would have punished the dog and tried to "control him"

all that was needed was to just open the door and let him run to bella and lie at her feet - thus proving  to the principal he was serious about his job and would not eat off the counter, table or her tray. nor would he pay the slightest attention to any other kid.  perfect behavior- an educated dane.
 30 days for bella's surgery  in the hospital- on or near her bed... airline trips calif for tv show or   florida for disney
all of this before he was 2 years old.≥..  perfect behavior and attention to detail.

i am attaching the video of george and bella-- the dog you said i must have had bella train.  bella is at the top of the stairs --- the  18 inch leash  is swinging  from his collar.- she is talking to her sister paying no attention to george..., but the minute she moves a foot, he notices and matches her stride-- even when bella hesitates at the bottom of the stairs, george holds his foot up to match hers.

can we replicate that ? certainly !  finnegan ---  even to the same blonde ponytail on a 10 year old kid... 
 that is eve who spent the summer with finnegan running her own lemonaide stand earning $3000 donation for sdp... i wish i could include the photo of eve in leotards at dance school ??- with finnegan right beside her in like attire.-- or asher-- in hat and tie accompanying  erica to the barresters ball at law school. 
or elvis-- needed all of 4 minutes training to learn to pull a wheelchair because his partner was all of a sudden back in that saddle again...
or all the vets who "use" their dogs as service dogs--plus  pay it forward by allowing them to be therapy dogs.
 not a problem ---the dogs understand-   they are educated.

i/we are very proud of all the  things our danes can do for people the day they take them out of here. so please do not tell the world they are untrained. .

lu has been a good friend to sdp- she was th e one to introduce us to adi-- and to the tower of hope-- whihc has been one of our main donors... but to say that  even in jest-- to a bunch of people who already do not know how to train a dane-- and read only what they find in the comic strip "marmeduke"  --is detrimental to danes in general≥

 if you do not get into the habit of talking things over with your dane and just let them run wild-- you will have your hands full of a180 pound "flying object".
  dane as a flying object---
 we gave a dane to a veteran who at our suggestion took the dog to his veterinarian - just to introduce teh vet to the dog in case of an emergency...
this veternarian was afraid of danes- and  insisted on putting a muzzle on  this ... probably 15 month old dane-- who had never had anything like that happen to him in his life with us...  the dog wanted that thing off knocking everyone and everything in th office  to smitherines.     that dvm   with all his medical degrees was impressiove and told the guy "this is no service dog ... you have been ripped off.  etc etc etc"
this terrified the veteran who was nearly in tears when he called and said the veternarian told him to tak the dog back before someone got hurt.. and arrived at my door--w ith a perfectly behaved dog.;
and--- a letter from the veternarian telling me what a terrible person i was to push off this piece of junk on the poor vet how i didn't know what a serv dog was.. blah blah  blah" 

so we quick took the dog to george to have him examine him-- which he did with no problem-- you move slowly, talk to the person  and the dog.  do it otherwise.. and yes-- you will get bitten-- that was a class in veternarian school the other guy must have slept thru.
fran to airport..