Sunday, December 23, 2018

dec 23 2018

crowd here this morning..  glad we have so many beds and sofas...--  nova scotia to georgia to california   thems all here...-- and tehy know teh rules... this is not a spa... by 7am  they need to be  up and ready to  volunteer.

i took bumble to costco yesterday   joyce shopped-- i sat---- in the food area while masses of people went by    teh only comment i have seen about him is  "shaking" so  i thought i would try taking him with sizzle- who can relax anywhere,,  he is a very well trained dog- who shakes.  well bentley shakes at times too, i dunno. we will figure out something... 
up tp 99% of germs are killed....-- we have gone that roaD... 1% IS in that range of "up to" -- so there is this advert about so clean for cpap machines-- simple just put the mask in  blah blah b;ah.. so - short history    i have been coughing-  i have also not been "sanatizing" my cpcp very often either... so 2 days ago i  choloroxed and rinsed and hung the thing up
and sat dowm to enjoy the ad tha said you simply put your mask in the thing .... and that little "up to" was not there.... thy said 99% point blank. - well then i thought about  petri dishes and light bulbs  which i have used to   incubate chicken eggs and how that all your money returned might be worth testing.

 especially since fri and sat i did not cough as much...   
i read how they "so clean"  tested-- and my first problem was they started with sterile petri dishes-
how do you make a petri dish sterile so you can have a startting maybe you coudl bake---
so that is as far as i have got with that idea... 
but i am thinking... i bet some cp's have some idea... and deb is here- she works with the  national sneezing department-- you know theh one that  is a center for thinking about  disease passing...
when i take a pup into someplace like costco-- and it is not behaving as perfectly as it should- costco-- or anywhere- has teh perfect right to throw me out.-- i was thrown out of walmart for having a puppy that would not stop barking at and electronic witch in teh entry-- i had to leave...that was a little unusAL - BUT WITH A NEW PUPPY THER EIS A BIT OF DRIFTING SIDEWASY , BUMPING INTO,   PULLING AND  SNIFFING WHICH WOULD BE MORE EASILY UNDERSTOOD IF WE HAD ON SOME "LABEL" THAT EXPLAINED WE WERE WORKING WITH A  DOG IN TRAINING.-- SO I HAVE ORDERED A VEST -- FOR PEOPLE( AND ME)  TO WEAR AND SEE WHAT THE RESPONSE IS.
SERV DOGS -- OR DOGS IN TRAINIGN, HAve all the same rights and privlidgesw as long as tey behave. teh purpose in wandering around is to train the dogs... for sure-- but it is also an opportunity to hand out pokerchips--
i am hopeing we will aquire 2 more volunteers which i spoke to a costco..
goldie was in on one of them
she is a newly retired  corporate  xxxx  who told me she had prayed just that morning.. for some where to volunteeer her time because she was going nuts with nothing to do.. 
i did not explain aobu t goldie to her-- for fear she would think we were all crazy... before se realized how being crazy is not all bad....
i am told you can sign up for popular for free- and tehy have interesting articles... like amazon and cardboard and double boxing.. about which we know a great deal !!!!